Appeal for Ladavaram Temple Funds

Ladavaram – Moolavar: Karumanickka Perumal & Soundaravalli Thayar.

Utsavar: Soundaravalli Thayar, Andal, Srinivasar

Also there is a Separate Sannidhi newly constructed and sanctified for Sri Nadadhur Ammal, Anjaneyar, Thayar & Andal

Ladavaram is a small village situated near Arcot, just 5 km south east in the Arcot – Kaniyanur route. During the foreigners invasion, a Vishnu Temple in the village was damaged but the Sri Vaishnavas in the Agraharam, then consisting more than 100 houses in rows, managed to hide the Main Vigraha known as Idols. These Idols were buried to save them from the invaders. Later, when the time and political climate was cool, the villagers again reconstructed the main temple and installed the Idols. Sri Nadadhur Ammall, who personally visited this village and performed the ritualistic Thiru Aradhanam once.

After the younger generation left out in search of their survival and employment, the village nearly deserted and no one to take care of the daily pooja. However, of late, the younger generation, out of curiosity to visit their native home village, they found the actual remains of the temple and & the village in a shambles condition. Then and there, a committee was formed, some monetary assistance sought from many philanthropists and managed to get the temple reconstructed to its old glory. Or should I say, in a more fitting way! Many of the erstwhile Nadadhur Ammal family is now spread all over and I could not even locate their presence. 

Hope, this web page gives them a chance to see their village. Ladavaram is the village where I was born, grown up; where my grandfather late Mukkur Srivathsarngachariar,  was the Village Munsiff. My father Late Sri T S  Ramabathran, (known as Sriraman) was the Post Master from the start of the Post office and later he took over as Village Magistrate, after my grandfather’s demise. My paternal Uncle Late Mr. T. Srinivasan was the Branch Post Master of this village till his retirement. My other two younger borthers, Sri. TR Rajagopalan and Sri T. R. Ravi Iangare are now well settled in Mumbai. Though, we belong to Mukkur Thattai family, it was my grandfather who migrated to Ladavaram Village then to settle. For some time, the above Temple was maintained by our family, where my father used to perform the Aradhanam and later my paternal uncle Mr. T. Srinivasan too performed the daily pooja after his retirement as Branch Post Master.

The Maha Samprokshanam of the renovated temple was held on 28th February 2007, in the presence of many devotees and a sizeable gathering, with all the ritualistic way, with Vedic scholars and Pundits performing the Homam & Samprokshanam. Still, the temple needs to get some fixed deposit amounts to maintain its day to day needs that are to be met from the interest earnings. Though, this Temple is directly under the Government Endowments Board’s control, the very minimum contribution allotted by the Government is not enough to perform the regular Thiruvaradhanam. Hence, the Trustees and the Villages formed the committee to collect some permanent funds for its fixed deposit. Anyone who wishes to contribute, especially all the Nadadhur Ammall descendants, may please send in your mites to the temple affair Management authorities at the following address:  

Ladavaram Deiva Pani Mandram,

36, Car Street, 


Chennai – 600 005 

(Ph: 044 2844 0093).

The main and most active persons in the renovation of the temples are the ones who are blessed by the Lord. Though, there many other souls and persons involved in the renovation process, I would like to cite the names of two persons who were very instrumental in making the plans into action.  it is in recognition of their selfless services and motivated and organized actions that brought the changes and made the renovations possible. They are:

Mr. L V Pattappa – Catering Contractor, Triplicane, Chennai

Mr. V N Varadhan, Retired Secondary School Headmaster, Ladavaram.

If any persons involved and their names are missed out, I shall be highly obliged to publish their names, if anyone brings it to my notice.

The following photographs were sent in by one of the younger siblings of Nadadhur family,  Sri Nagarajan, S/o Late Mr. Ladavaram Nadadhur Seshadri (well known in Ladavaram as Sechu) who recently visited his Native Place Ladavaram for the first time. His monetary contribution towards buying utensils for the temple was well appreciated by the villagers. He has sent me the whole photographs of the Temple and the Lords which are given below:

Ladavaram Village – at the Junction Road beginning (Known at Khoot Road)

The Temple view

Temple View from entrance

Sri Nadadhur AmmaaL (While in Dhanya Vasam!)

Moolavar with Thayar

Sri Soundaravalli Thayar – Uthsavar

My sincere Thanks to Sri. Ladavaram Nadadhur Nagarajan  (s/o Mr Seshadri of KVIC, Mumbai) from Delhi for taking pain to visit his native place and for sending the above images.

The photographs & Images of many other ancient beautiful & divine Temples will be published shortly here in these pages soon. 

TRS Iyengar

TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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