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Preventive Health Care Article – Simple & Easy Health care tips one can follow.

Following are the most simple & practicable, that everyone can afford to keep in good health and spirits! These are the collections of articles from many sources that are reproduced here in good faith and interest for the benefit of the net surfers. Yes, your daily intake of good and healthy food itself act as a preventive medicine for many ailments and health setbacks! Regular timing for your daily intake – breakfast, Lunch & supper plus avoiding eating in-between would itself make you fit and healthy. The following tips should give you a good idea, how we can maintain your health. And a minimum of six hours undisturbed and sound sleep should add to your longevity! A refreshed mind, freshness in your look and feel you can get, if you’re a early raiser. All the best. 

Warning: Neither I am a Doctor nor a physician. The suggestive methods that are practiced in India and for generations these methods are carried to the younger ones by our grandmas’. Some of these tips are availed from other sources and many of these I got by hearsay. Some of the tips given here below are of with items that are objectionable to Srivaishnavas & Jain community. However, the same can be taken as medicine without giving much importance to religious feelings. And for the sake of my legal protection, please visit this page, before you practice! 

And the saying is, Prevention is better than cure!

ApplesProtects your heartPrevents constipationBlocks diarrheaImproves lung capacityCushions joints
ApricotsCombats cancerControls blood pressureSaves your eyesightShields against Alzheimer’sSlows aging process
ArtichokesAids digestionLowers cholesterolProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarGuards against liver disease
AvocadosBattles diabetesLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesControls blood pressureSmoothes skin
BananasProtects your heartQuiets a coughStrengthens bonesControls blood pressureBlocks diarrhea
BeansPrevents constipationHelps hemorrhoidsLowers cholesterolCombats cancerStabilizes blood sugar
BeetsControls blood pressureCombats cancerStrengthens bonesProtects your heartAids weight loss
BlueberriesCombats cancerProtects your heartStabilizes blood sugarBoosts memoryPrevents constipation
BroccoliStrengthens bonesSaves eyesightCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressure
CabbageCombats cancerPrevents constipationPromotes weight lossProtects your heartHelps hemorrhoids
CantaloupeSaves eyesightControls blood pressureLowers cholesterolCombats cancerSupports immune system
CarrotsSaves eyesightProtects your heartPrevents constipationCombats cancerPromotes weight loss
CauliflowerProtects against Prostate CancerCombats breast cancerStrengthens bonesBanishes bruisesGuards against heart disease
CherriesProtects your heartCombats cancerEnds insomniaSlows aging processShields against Alzheimer’s
ChestnutsPromotes weight lossProtects your heartLowers cholesterolCombats cancerControls blood pressure
Chili peppersAids digestionSoothes sore throatClears sinusesCombats cancerBoosts immune system
FigsPromotes weight lossHelps stops strokesLowers cholesterolCombats cancerControls blood pressure
FlaxAids digestionBattles diabetesProtects your heartImproves mental healthBoosts immune system
GarlicLowers cholesterolControls blood pressureCombats cancerKills bacteriaFights fungus
GrapefruitProtects against heart attacksPromotes weight lossHelps stops strokesCombats prostate cancerLowers cholesterol
Grapessaves eyesightConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerEnhances blood flowProtects your heart
Green teaCombats cancerProtects your heartHelps stops strokesPromotes weight lossKills bacteria
HoneyHeals woundsAids digestionGuards against ulcersIncreases energyFights allergies
LemonsCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy
LimesCombats cancerProtects your heartControls blood pressureSmoothes skinStops scurvy
MangoesCombats cancerBoosts memoryRegulates thyroidAids digestionShields against Alzheimer’s
MushroomsControls blood pressureLowers cholesterolKills bacteriaCombats cancerStrengthens bones
OatsLowers cholesterolCombats cancerBattles diabetesPrevents constipationSmoothes skin
Olive oilProtects your heartPromotes weight lossCombats cancerBattles diabetesSmoothes skin
OrangesSupports immune systemsCombats cancerProtects your heartStraightens respiration
Peachesprevents constipationCombats cancerHelps stops strokesAids digestionHelps hemorrhoids
PeanutsProtects against heart diseasePromotes weight lossCombats prostate cancerLowers cholesterolAggravates
PineappleStrengthens bonesRelieves coldsAids digestionDissolves wartsBlocks diarrhea
PrunesSlows aging processPrevents constipationBoosts memoryLowers cholesterolProtects against heart disease
Rice***Protects your heartBattles diabetesConquers kidney stonesCombats cancerHelps stops strokes
StrawberriesCombats cancerProtects your heartBoosts memoryCalms stress
Sweet potatoesSaves your eyesightLifts moodCombats cancerStrengthens bones
TomatoesProtects prostateCombats cancerLowers cholesterolProtects your heart
WalnutsLowers cholesterolCombats cancerBoosts memoryLifts moodProtects against heart disease
WaterPromotes Weight lossCombats cancerConquers kidney stonesSmoothes skin
WatermelonProtects prostatePromotes weight lossLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesControls blood pressure
Wheat germCombats Colon CancerPrevents constipationLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesImproves digestion
Wheat branCombats Colon CancerPrevents constipationLowers cholesterolHelps stops strokesImproves digestion
YogurtGuards against ulcersStrengthens bonesLowers cholesterolSupports immune systemsAids digestion

*** According to some, Rice is to be limited as sub dish rather than whole meals or main one. The reason for suggesting this is, it contain more sugar than sugar itself! But western people notably in N. America have quite a high incidence of Diabetes Type II but the incidence is comparatively much less than in Tamilnadu where the percentage of diabetics in the total population is highest in the world. And in the whole of Tamilnadu, Rice is consumed as a main food item!

When wheat or other fiber is eaten water consumption increases. This flushes the body well. Rice eating slows down water consumption which is not good for the kidneys in the long run. The human body is also NOT DESIGNED to digest meat in any form. The cave man ate meat raw because he did not have the facilities of cooking. Almost 95% American children have dental caries due to high candy intake. In India less than 50% children have dental caries. 

In urban area, where children consume more of soft drinks, is more predominant. Aerated water known as soft drinks like coke, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi etc. all damage the teeth enamel and spoil the nephrons in the kidneys. There is NO tangible benefit in these drinks. True, these artificially flavored drinks also spoil the digestive system and makes one feel not so hungry to eat main foods. In the longer run,i it might even affect your eyesight and nerve system, if taken often.

Also avoid taking junk and fast food, would help your digestive systems. A brisk morning walk also increases digestive system which burns the fat and excessive sugar level in the blood.

Now, for Eye-care, a preventive course of action could save your eye sight and from blindness at a later age. Here are few simple but easy methods to prevent blindness in old age:

For persons over the age of 55, it is common to get color blindness, eye strains, less visionary and headache due to these disorders. To make good the deficiency of ageing, rely on four special nutrients to help reduce your risk of a common eye problem by up to 35 percent. Diets that contain ample amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and zinc are associated with a greatly reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration,(AMD) an eye disease that is common with aging and can lead to blindness. Good sources of these nutrients: fresh produce, nuts, fortified cereals, and supplements. 

Diet plays a role in many disease processes, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 55. A recent study of people in this age group proves, that those who reported the highest intake of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and zinc were significantly less likely to develop AMD than those who had the lowest intake. Fill up on oranges, mangoes, lemon, guavas and strawberries for vitamin C. 

Fortified cereal are great sources for zinc. Almonds and peanut butter, or a supplement, can help boost your intake of vitamin E. Sweet potatoes, apricots, carrots and peaches are excellent sources of beta carotene. Other nutrients that appear to be beneficial for eye health include lutein and zeaxanthin. Like beta carotene, they are carotenoids found in various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Good sources of lutein include spinach, peas, and green bell peppers. Good sources of zeaxanthin include corn, spinach, orange bell peppers, and tangerines.

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