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Essence of Srivaishnavam Practices -Astrology Section: Chandrashtama Nakshatram Chart

Here is the table with ready reference to your Chandrashtama days. In simple terms, Chandrashtamam means a day when the moon is transiting through the eighth house to your own moon sign which is known as Rasi  in Hindu Astrology system. Though it take roughly two and half days for moon to cross each sign,  the entire two and half days of moons transition into your eighth sign is considered as Chandrashtamam; the much critical part of these days are only 13 degree 20 minutes duration of moon’s movement, or a specific full star or constellation known as Nakshatram that affects most when it crosses specific star of that eigth house sign.  It is strongly  recommended to avoid this Chandrashtama days for any important work or other auspicious functions. 

Generally, everyone  needs to take more precaution and must be alert on Chandrashtamam days which occurs roughly once in 28 days. If you know your Janma nakshatra, then it is easy to follow the following chart and you can prevent many quarrels, arguments, unpleasantness, uneasiness, tensions and a lot more misfortune! The star or nakshatra indicated in Red are the corresponding Chandrashtamam days for a specific nakshatra given in the same line. The Nakshatra are listed with expected spelling changes that might be in use from place to place. Also, six hours from the time of the Nakshatra begin and six hours after the Nakshatra ends do fall in the Chandrashtama timings. Though generally, all the 2 and half days of the Moon’s movement in the eighth sign of your moon sign is so considered as Chandrashtamam  days, you can specifically take and include around twelve hours prior to your Chandrashtama Nakshatra and twelve hours later too you should include. This is just to get the accurate timing, as the 16th star is Chandrashtama may not be correctly falling into the said nakshatra timing. To avoid any calculation errors and to safeguard, one should always remember that Chandrashtama is for full 2 and half days of Moon’s transition of 8th sign to your birth Rasi (Moon sign). You will find the Ruling star or nakshatra of the day,  in all the almanacs known as Panchangam, whether western or Indian. You can click here to learn how to check and read a Panchangam.

#Your Birth Star known as Janma Nakshatram according to Hindu Astrological systemYour Chandrashtama fall on these Nakshatra days when moon transits through these stars
01Aswini / Asvini / AshviniAnuradha / Anusham
02Bharani / BaraniJyeshta / Kettai
03Krithikai / Krittika / KarthikaiMoola / Mulam / Moolam
04Rohini / RohineePoorvashada / Pooradam / Puradam / Purvabhadra
05Mrigaseersha / MirugaseershamUthrashada / Uthradam / Uthiradam / Uthrabhadra
06Ardra / ThiruvathiraiShravanam / Thiruvonam / Sravan
07Punarvasu / PunarpusamDhanishta / Avittam / Shravishta
08Pushya / Poosam / PusamSathatharaka / Sathabishang / Sathayam / Sadayam
09Aslesha / AyilyamPoorvabroshtapatha / Poorattathi
10Magha / Makha / MakamUthrabroshtapatha / Uthirattathi
11Purva Palkuni / Pooram / PuramRevathi / Rewathi / Revati
12Uthra Palkuni / UthiramAswini / Asvini / Ashvini 
13Hastam / HastaBharani / Barani
14Chithra / Chitra / ChithiraiKrithikai / Krittika / Karthikai
15Swathi / Svathi / SwatiRohini / Rohinee
16Visaka / Vishaka / VisakamMrigaseersha / Mirugaseersham
17Anuradha / AnushamArdra / Thiruvathirai
18Jyeshta / KettaiPunarvasu / Punarpusam
19Moola / Mulam / MoolamPushya / Poosam / Pusam
20Poorvashada /Pooradam  Puradam/ PurvabhadraAslesha / Ayilyam
21Uthrashada / Uthradam /Uthiradam / UthrabhadraMagha / Makha / Makam
23Shravanam / Thiruvonam / SravanPurva Palkuni / Pooram / Puram
24Dhanishta / Avittam / ShravishtaUthra Palkuni / Uthiram
25Sathatharaka / Sathabishang / Sathayam/ SadayamHastam / Hasta
26Poorvabroshtapatha / Poorattathi / PurattathiChithra / Chitra / Chithirai
27Uthrabroshtapatha / UthirattathiSwathi / Svathi
28Revathi / Rewathi / RevatiVisaka / Vishaka / Visakam

Now for the nine sets of Nakshatra, known as Janma – Anujanma & Trijanma Stars, three each in one set is explained below. For a person born in Aswini, then Aswini is his/her Janma Nakshatra and Stars  Makam & Moolam would be the Anujanma & Trijanma nakshatra. But for the person born in Makam, then Moolam & Aswini would be the Anujanma & Trijanma nakshatra. To simplify, for anyone’s birth star known as Janma Nakshatra, the other two star in the same line would be that of Anujanma & Trijanma Nakshatras. The following table shows the details of each set:

Aswini (Ashvini)Makam (Magam)Moolam (Mulam)
Bharani (Barani)Pooram (Puram)Pooradam (Puradam)
Krutikai (Karthikai)Uthiram (Uthram)Uthradam (Uthiradam)
Rohini (Rohinee)Hastham (Hastam)Thiruvonam (Sravanam)
Mrigaseersham ChithiraiAvittam
Thiruvadirai (Ardra)Swathi (Svathi)Sathayam (Sadhabishang)
Punarvasu (Punarpoosam)VisakamPurattathi (Poorathadhi)
Poosam-Pusam (Pushyam)Anusham (Anuradha)Uthirattathi (Uthirattadhi)
Ayilyam (Aslesha)Kettai (Jyeshta)Revathi (Rewati)

In the above chart, you will see sets of three stars in each row segment which indicate the Janma, Anujanma & Trijanma nakshatras. The inauspicious stars in general for any new venture or transactions, or for loaning, give & to lend money or for hospitalizations, these stars are highlighted that should be avoided. These are known in Tamil as “Theetharu Nakshatram” means which are all of negative effects to take any travel, pilgrimage, long journey etc.

Please do not get confused or misled; these stars are specifically not good for any monetary transactions or for hospitalization; otherwise these too are good as other stars. Those who are born in the highlighted stars need not worry at all.  This speciation is mentioned only for new ventures or transactions and it has nothing to do if it happen to be of anyone’s birth star. It is also recommended to avoid one’s own birth star (Janma nakshatra) to start any new venture or taking any long travel.

In the next article, let us discuss the good and auspicious days for Travel, long journey and to stars to start some new venture etc.

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