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Due credits must be given to persons associated/helped to maintain this website.

I am thankful for the persons for their invaluable service and time given to bring out this website with flying colors and user friendly access and browsing experience. May Lord Sriman Narayana givem them with abundant mental happiness, good health and wealth for their entire family. Full credit goes to the following team for this latest update in the website. And the unsung heroes behind the scene too would get their credit entry here, on full completion of this website. Still a long way to go !! No, I do not take any credit for myself, as the work is of by different persons at different level and time ! This credit is a very special one, as none of the following individuals considered doing the job for any monetary considerations. They just helped me without taking any money, just for the sake of faith in the Lord, they helped me to maintain the website. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for their yeomen services.

Mr. Srinivasan Santhanam (+919445842673)

Mr. Ranganathan Haritha

Mr. Narayanan R (+918088114230)

The above three persons, along with their team members, made this latest WordPress website at ease and converting the website from old php mode to the latest version. It was an herculean task to get the URLs renamed, broken links set to right, migrating the entire site to new platform and also to make the essentially needed data base for the smooth functioning of the website. My heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their time and efforts.

Mr.Raju Kumar Kartic Chandra Das (Mumbai – +919820895766) – For over fifteen years, he is fully associated with this website, constructing a custom made FAQ, Guestbook & Matrimonial data base, in addition to helping me to fix the bugs as and when needed. It was only after his intervention, the website grown with good reach and wider readership and visitors. And he is still here to give his valuable guidance and help. I Thank him very much for his helps without making it as an issue of charging me.

In the beginning, it was from Microsoft Front page app I used to create pages and publish it. It was all in simple html/text conversion done by the software! But when the time and tide changes, we ought to swim with it is the practical reality. So, I do not have any experience or expertise in creating design or developments for website, is the fact. As the web protocols changes with so many updates within a short span, we ought to go on update each and every scripting to the changed environment in the www sector. And thus this website came out from the age old html > shtml > asp > php and now its latest update of version 7.4 is pending! That is the fast developing internet industry, where what is new and latest today is outdated tomorrow!!

And to be in the Internet world of web services, one has to accept the changes and make good of the developments that comes more often and faster than one can learn ! And in this junction, it is the above persons who helped me to bring out this website, an hassle free WordPress style, for easy navigation. And the full credit goes to them for upkeep of this website in the future too !!

My sincere thanks to the team for a seamless and quick services rendered to meet the expectation. My best wishes and blessing to one and all,

TRS Iyengar, Webmaster


    TRS Iyengar

    Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.