Vedic Remedy for Eye care & Sight

Essence of Srivaishnavam Practices – Eye Care, Prevention of sight loss and gaining good eyesight, the Vedic way.

Aum, The Beginning of Everything Divine, Om

The following versus Chaakshusa Upanishad are from Rig (Rg) Veda 

The most vital part in the body is Cervical & the eyes. Cervical is just like a clutch to a car and the processor to a computer. If proper vibration with correct phonetic accent is used to recite the Chaksushaa mantra regularly as stipulated below, it certainly gives some good effect and preventing early eye loss and also it is a preventive care to get rid of any cataract. It is believed that the cervical command to bring back the eye sight is mainly due to the phonetic vibrations during the chanting of this mantra. It also strengthens the entire nerve system, thus preventing any further loss due to growing age. Many elderly persons who regularly recite this chakshusaa slokha daily have experienced a good recovery from eye sight loss. I heard even some of the medical professional started giving some thoughts to this ancient Vedic script, that has enormous potential to regain lost eye sight due to age or cataract. There is a system to do this. One should get the mantra taught perfectly by any learned scholar so as to get perfect accent that adds value to this mantra. I had a very old script of this but unfortunately the entire book was eaten away by white ants. However, I managed to get this slokha from a group member who had emailed me the same.  I give the same for the benefit of readers in phonetic English and also in Sanskrit in image format.

It is best recommended to recite the following slokha during Sun-rise time in the early morning minimum twelve times consequently, daily, (if possible 28 time to get more and quicker effect) after taking bath and with empty stomach. A copper tumbler full of water should be kept in front while reciting and then on completion, two drops of water should be dropped in each eye and the remainder be consumed. The Aqua-phonetic vibrations absorbed in the water has potential curative effect which one can experience after continuous recital for consecutive 48 days. If the effects are minimal, then continue again for another 48 days (one mandalam = 48 days). It can be continued for 3 Mandalams for more effective results. 

Asyashvashushi  Vidyayaha Aahirbhurnya rishi:

Gayatri chandaha ,suryadevatha,Chaakshuroganivrutraye viniyogaha:

Om chaakshuha chaakshuha chaakshuha tejastithrobhava,

ma pahi pahi

twaritam chaakshurogaan shamay shamay

mamajatarup  tejo darshaya darshaya,

yatahhamandhosnasyam tatha kalpya kalpya

kalyan kuru kuru,yaani mumu purvajanmoprjitani chaakshuhh pratirrodhak

Dushkrutani sarvani nirmulya nirmulya

Om Namaschakshustijodatre divyaya bhaskaraya

Om Namaha kalyanakaray amrityaya

Om Namaha Suryaya:

Om Namo bhagavate suryaya akshitejase namaha

Khechraya namaha: mahare namaha:rajase namaha: tamase namaha

Asato ma dasgamay,tamaso ma jyotirgamay

mrityorma amrita gamay,ushno bhagwanchuchirupa

hanso bhagwan shrutipratirupa ya imam chaakshumati

vidyam brahmano nityamadhiyate na tasya akshirogo bhavathi

na tasya kule aandho  bhavati,na tasya kule andho bhavathi

Ashtoi brahmanan grahaitwa vidyasiddhirbhavathi

vishwarupam grininam jatavedasam hiryanyamayam purusham jyotirupam

Tapantam sahastrarashmisha shatadhavarnamanaha

puraha prajanamudayatyesh suryaha:

Om Namo bhagavathe aadityaya

Next one

Chakshurno devaha savitha chakshurna uta parvataha:

Chakshudhorta dadhatoo na ha,Chakshurno dehi chakshuhe

Chakshurvikhye tanuchyaha,sanchedam vicha paschyema

Susandrishantva vayam prati paschyema surya:

vipashyem nrischkshasaha:

Rg Veda, Chaakshusha Upanishad to regain Eye sight and preventtive care for eyes.

Note: Recorded versions, or just recited by other would not give much benefit as one has to chant this on own with a guidance from any learned Sanskrit scholar for perfection of the phonetic accent.

TRS Iyengar

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