Naming As Per Astrology

Names from Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam given at the end of this page.

by TRS Iyengar

What is in a name ? Any person may be wondering. In order to carry on the social, cultural and business activities, we need an identity. But the ancestors tried to make this identity purposeful unlike the present situation. The name was given to enable attaining fame! The naming of a new born therefore has significance and the SamSkAram is known as nAmakaraNam (in fact the English word ‘Name’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘nAma’)! Either the name was after a God/Goddess, or that of a Rishi, that protects the child, uttering whose name benefits those who utter or that of a sage or saint to turn it as famous as that person as well as getting blessed. Besides, there were practices to name with secular motive, use names of the elders, secret names to maintain personality and to withhold them from enemies, family names for remembrance and pride etc. During the naming ceremony amongst the Brahmins, they used to give three different names or more, one from their paternal elders, another from the maternal side and the third is that of their family diety (kula Devatha).But according to Vedic Sastra, a persons name and the pronunciation is likely to influence much of a  character and growth. The vibrations caused by calling frequently a person with his/her name, is surely linked to one’s mind and thoughts. If a persons name influences a negative factor, the person is most likely to be down with inferiority complexion. Likewise, if a persons name that sounds something like hero or God, then the named persons behavioral pattern is much better than one can expect.  That’s why, in those days, people used to name their child after their Family Deity (Kula Devatha) or one or other God’s Name. So that. by frequently calling the child with that specific name. the phonetic vibrations increases the level of relationship between the caller & the called one! So, please name your baby with most suitable words, that will grow in a positive way with the child. Given below are the stars and suitable  first two or three letters of alphabet as starting name and you can find full name based on these guidance. This is according to Indian Astrological pattern, which you can find in any Almanac known as Panchang Or Panchangam. The most significance & effect is definitely felt by experience. Each  Nakshatram (Nakshatra or Star) is divided into 4 parts and each quarter known as Charan or Padam. The representing Alphabet for each quarter or Padam is given hereunder :

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !        Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !
Correct Name and its vibration, keeps one pretty happy – Name your child according to Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra)
Star (Nakshatra)1st Quarter 2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
Aswini  (Asvini – Ashvini)  SuCheChoLa
Krittika (Karthikai – Kiruthikai)A (as in accent)EOo (U)Aa(as in Airport)
Mrigasiro (Mrigaseersham)VeVoKaaKi
Ardra (Thiruvathirai)KuGaNgChha
Punarvasu (Punarpusam)KeKoHaHi
Pusam  (Pushyam)HuHeHoHa
Aslesha (Ayilyam)DiDuDeDo
Makam (Magha –  Magham)MaMiMuMe
Pooram (Purva Palguni)MoTaTiTo
Uthiram (Uthira Palguni)DeDaPaPi
Chithra  (Chithirai)PePoRaRi
Visakam (Visaka – Vishaka)ThiThuTheTho
Anuradha (Anusham)NiNINuNe
Jyeshta (Kettai)NoYaYiYu
Moola (Mulam, Moolam)YeYaBhaBhi
Poorvashada Puradam – Purva Broshtapatha)BhDaFaTa
Uthrashada  (Uthiradam – Uthra Broshtapatha)BhuBhoJhaJhi
Abhijit (Abhijeet)**
Shravan (Thiruvonam)KiKuiKheKho
Dhanishta (Avittam)GhaGhiGooGe
Sadabishak (Sathayam. Shathatharaka)GoSaSiShu
P. Broshtapata (Poorattathi, P.Bhadra)SoSheDhaDhi
U. Broshtapatha (Uthirattathi,  U.Bhadra)DhuShaChaDha
Revathi, RevathyDheDhoSaChi

** Abijit (Abhijeet) Nakshatra is an existing constellation (Star – Nakshatra) in the stellar system. But the same is said to have been de-activated by the Lord Sri Maha Vishnu 

during after the Mahabharatha War. However, persons born after four hours of Uthrashada (Uthiradam) nakshatra are said to be part of this Abhijt (Abijeet) nakshatram.

It is considered that Last part or end of 4th quarter in Uthirashada and two hours in the first part of of 1st Charan or Quarter of Shravan are considered as Abhijeet Nakshatram.

The alphabetical names for a Boy & Girl with the Sanskrit meaning will be provided shortly for the readers benefit. Please bear with me till then. The recommended Name and its values are surely to benefit, 

if a child is named after the  representing alphabets of their Birth Star (Nakshatram).

In the next article, you willll find the exact star and its quarter, its placement in the moon sign (Rasi), the total year of Running Dasa at the time of birth and also in which Rasi they are placed. Also the beginning

alphabet for each name representing the phonetic sound is listed again. Readers can easily pinpoint their quarter and moon sign easily with this chart. 

Given hereunder are some of the names for boys of Lord Sri Mahavishnu ( Sriman NArayaNa) for boys. These names and it’s phonetic vibrations are said to create an overwhelming confidence for both caller

and called person of these names. These are taken out from the Vedic slokha known as Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Name for boysMeaning
AbhavBirthless, Vishnu, Shiva, Jina
AbhijayVictorious, Vishnu
AbhijitVictor, Vishnu, Name of a star
AchintyaInconceivable, Shiva, Vishnu, God
Achyut / AchuthanPerfect, whole, Vishnu
Adinarayan (Aadinarayan)Vishnu
Adipurush (Aadipurush)Paramatma, Vishnu
Adishesh (Aadishesh)Serpent God, Anantha
Adisura (Aadisura)Vishnu, Name of an ancient king
AganitCountless, innumerable, infinite, God, Vishnu
AhishayanVishnu who sleeps on serpent
Ajanubahu (Aajaanubaahu)Vishnu, Name of an ancient sage
Ajath (Ajaath)Birthless, Shiva, Vishnu, Jina
AjayOne who cannot be conquered, Vishnu
AjeyaOne who cannot be conquered, Vishnu
AjitUnconquerable, Vishnu, A theerthankara
AkshathUnscathed, whole, Vishnu
AmitLimitless, Vishnu
AmitabhLimitless, lustre, Vishnu
AmitavikramLimitless power, Vishnu
AnandamohanSri Krishna
AnandaramSri Ram
AnanthWithout an end, God, Adishesha
AnantyaWithout an end, eternal, God
AniruddhaKrishna’s grandson
AnuvindOne who receives, Cousin of Sree Krishna
Aparajit (Aparaajit)Who cannot be conquered, Vishnu Shiva, Jina A son of Sri Krishna and Lakshmi
AravindakshaLotus eyed, Vishnu
ArijitConqueror of enemies. Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
ArinjayConqueror of enemies. Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra
Ashamber (Aashaamber)The Sky, the univrerse, Shiva, Vishnu, Jina
Ashwathanarayan (Ashwatha Naraayan)Lord Vishnu
AthithiRama’s grandson
Atmavan (Atmavaan)Vishnu
AvanimohanSri Krishna
AyodhyanathSri Rama
AyodhyaramSri Rama
Ayukumar (Aaya kumar)Son of Urvashi an Puroonava son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra
BadariprasadA gift of Badarinarayanan
BaladevStrong person, Sri Krishna’s brother
Balakrishna (Baala Krishna)Young Krishna
Balamurali KrishnaYoung Krishna who played on flute
Balaram (Balaraam)Sri Krishna’s brother
BalasunderHandsome boy, Sri Krishna
BalendraKing among children, Krishna
BansidharSri Krishna
BanvariName of Krishna
BhesajVishnu, the healer, who cures the disease of borth an death cycles.
BhishajVishnu, the healer, who cures the disease of birth and death cycles.
BhishakVishnu, the healer, who cures the desease of birth and death cycles
BhriguA sage, father of Lakshmi
BhrihadbanuSon of Krishna and Satyabhama
BhuvanamohanMost attractive person on earth, Sri Krishna
BiligirirangaLord Ranganath on Biligiri hills in Mysore district
BindumadhavDiety of Vishnu of Kashi
BrihadbalUddhva’s brother Sri Krishna’s cousin
BrijanandSri Krishna who lived in Brijbhoomi
BrijbhooshanSri Krishna
BrijeshSri Krishna who lived in Brijbhoomi
BrijmohanSri Krishna who lived in Brijbhoomi
CauverirangaLord Ranganatha at the temples on the bank of the river Cauvery
ChalapathiVishnu as Lord of “Chanchala”
ChandrabanuSon of Sri Krishna and Satybhama
CharuchandraSon of Rukmini and Sri Krishna beautiful moon
CharudehiSon of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
Charudesna (Chaarudeshna)Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
CharuguptaSon of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
ChaturvyuhOne who personifies in four arrys, Vishnu
ChitraketuUddhava’s brother Sri Krishna’s cousin
GadhadharVishnu, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s’ former name
GarudaVishnu s Vehicle (Vahana) kite
Garuda VahanVishnu
GavirangaLord Ranganath
GopalSri Krishna, the cowherd
GiridharSri Krishna
GiridhariSri Krishna
Gita KrishnaSri Krishna
GokulHerd of cows. The place where Krishna lived as a boy
GokulanandSri Krishna
GokulanathSri Krishna
Gopa KumarSri Krishna
GopalakSri Krishna, the cowherd
GopikrishnaLord of Gopis, Sri Krishna
GopinathLord of Gopis, Sri Krishna
GopipriyaLord of Gopis, Sri Krishna
GopishLord oif Gopis, Sri Krishna
GopivallabhLord of Gopis, Sri Krishna
GorakshakProtector of cows
GovardhanA mountain near Gokul
GovardhanadhariSri Krishna who lifted the mountain “Govardhan”
GovindWho possesses cows, Sri Krishna
Govindapad (Govindapaad)Guru of Sri Shankaracharya
Halayudh (Halaayudh)Balaram
Hari dayalMerciful Vishnu
Hari omHari mantrakshara
Hari ShankarShiva and Vishnu combined
HaridasServant of Vishnu
HaridutGiven by Vishnu
HariharHalf Shiva and half Vishnu diety at Harihara temple
HarihareshwarHalf Shiva and half Vishnu diety at Harihara temple
HarikripaGift of Vishnu
HarikumarHari’s son, Bhramha
Harinarayan (Harinaaraayan)Vishnu
HariprasadGift of Vishnu
HarishchandraAn ancestor of Sri Rama Son of Trishanku known for his love of truth
HarivathsaHari’s son, Bhramha
HayagreevNeck of a horse, An incarnation of Vishnu with face of a horse
HayavadanNeck of a horse, An incarnation of Vishnu with face of a horse
HemamberWho wears yellow cloth, Sri Krishna
HonnamberSri Krishna
HrishikeshBeyond the reach of five senses, Vishnu controller of senses
Jagadatma (Jagadaatma)Soul of the world, Vishnu
JaganmohanSri Krishna
JagmohanSri Krishna
Jairam – JayaramVictorious Rama
JaithraVictorious, Vishnu, Shiva, Jina, Arjun
JanakinandanSon of Janaki
Janakiram – JaanakiraamanSri Rama
Janardhan – JanaardhanVishnu
Jayadev – JayadevanA poet who composed ‘Gita Govinda’
JayagopalVictorious Krishna
JishnuVictorious, Vishnu, Shiva, Jina, Arjun
KaivalyaVaikunta, Vishnus abode
KamalakshHaving lotus like eyes, Vishnu
Kasturi RangaLord Ranganath
KathanNarration, story telling
KausthubA gem worn by Vishnu
Kaveriranga – KaaveriranganLord Ranganath at temples on the banks of river Kaveri
KeshavVishnu with beautiful hair
KevalAbsolute, pure, Vishnu
KishanSri Krishna
Kishorachandra – KishorchandranRising moon, Balachandra
KishoreA small boy
Kodandaram – KothandaramanSri Ram with his bow called “Kodanda”
Krishna – KrishnanIncamation of Vishnu
Krishna ChaitanyaName of a Vaishnava Saint of Bengal
Krishna dev – KrishnadevanSri Krishna
Krishna KanthGlow or brightness of Sri Krishna
Krishna KumarKrishna’s son
Krishna meghBlack cloud
Krishna prasadSri Krishna’s gift
KrishnadwaipayanName of sage Vedavyas
KrishnamohanAttractive Krishna
KritivarmaKrishna’s friend, A Yadava warrior
Kunal (Kunaal)A devotee of Vishnu
KushRama’s son
KushrajRama’s son
LakshmeeshGoddess Lakshmi’s Lord, Vishnu
LakshmikantGoddess Lakshmi s Lord, Vishnu
LakshmiramanGoddess Lakshmi s Lord, Vishnu
Leela KrishnaPlayful Sri Krishna
LokatmanThe God, Vishnu
Madhav (Maadhav)Sri Krishna, the spring season
MadhuramohanSri Krishna
MadhuranathSri Krishna
MadhusudhanSlayer of the demon Madhu, Sri Krishna
MadhwarajMadwacharya founder of Dwaitha philosophy
MadhweshSri Madhwacharya
MahidharAdishesh, Vishnu
ManobhiramPleasing Sri Rama
MathsyendraIncarnation of Vishnu as a fish
MathsyendranathIncarnation of Vishnu as a fish
MukundSri Krishna
Murali (Muraali)Enemy of a demon called Mura, Krishna
Muralidhar, Muralidhara, MuralidaranSri Krishna
Muraligan (Muraligaan)Song of the flute
MuraligopalSri Krishna
MuralikrishnaSri Krishna
MuralimadhavSri Krishna
MuralimohanSri Krishna

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TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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