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What the ten things your astrologers won't tell you!
TRS Iyengar

My father Late Sri Mukkur T. S. Ramabathrachariyar used to tease me at times for taking up the Astrology as my interesting subject as he felt professing this would not give much support for my livelihood. More so, he was afraid, I might make it a commercial one, for my living/earnings! He used to warn me, not to sell this art of Astrology for any price tag and only to accept any token amount that might be offered by some person wanting to consult to me. It is not to hurt any one or any profession, but the joke is on the three big “A” s known as Astrologer, Advocate and Advertising agencies; some one used to tell me that all these three “Aces” are convincing Liars! I heard, once a young gentleman approached Mr. Winston Churchill for his advise and guidance to enter into politics; Mr. Churchill advised him a lot and concluded with the statement that read – “you should be able to convince the people what a lot you’re going to do to the public; whence it fails, you should now more importantly convince them, why it failed!”.

It is almost the same thing, that the subject Astrology is handled by many persons prefixing their names with Dr., Prof., PhD. and what not! When a closer scrutiny is taken, you’ll find half of them were awarded just for asking! And there are many fraudsters, who proclaim for themselves as great Astrologers and who just got all the titles offering to themselves! Or a little price tag attached to it! There are scores of genuine and honest astrologers, whose works, identity and talents are not even known to some circle level; a few achieve highest goal with getting some prominence in the society, whose words are treated as Gospel. Whether an individual or a corporate, there is no difference in seeking the divine subjects blessings. Why, take in the Internet media for instance, where you will find millions of websites on the subject “Astrology” , that boast with words such as “Vedic” and “Scientific” attached to their Sales gimmicks. Of course, not all of them are fraud, but those who fully commercialized their subject with the only aim of making fast bucks!

Astrology is indeed a science. It is the best combinations of Astronomy & Mathematics that give foresight of relative happenings. It is also accepted as the eyes of the Vedas as Jyotisha Sasthram. However, in the busiest modern day, it is hard to find a good astrologer. Not only that, it is also important that the remedial measures that are suggested should be conformant with the Vedas and should be performed strictly as prescribed in the Vedic Scriptures. This is not completely possible in the modern age. Yet, a few experienced and learned scholars guide and perform some Vedic rituals as prescribed in the Sastras. It is a kind of positive vibrations that are ignited into the dwelling place of any affected person, who seeks guidance from the professional Astrologers to weed off their negative happenings.

Oh, to become an Astrologer with success, there are certain planetary alignments are to be considered. Yes, this is for the astrologer himself or herself first!  Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, placement of second, 5th and 10th house lords to be in co-ordination and a person ought to be good at arithmetical calculations. Only then he can become a successful Astrologer as then would his intuitions be very high! Who is going to check his veracities and who will tell that a person is a genuine and knowledgeable Astrologer? It is altogether an issue of different in nature. Now coming to the subject, the qualities of an experienced and qualified Astrologer is that he always speak about all the fortunes in good & a frank way and to predict the negative side with utmost caution; If Jupiter happen to be in the Second house for the Astrologer, then the word come true (vak palitham known as words become true). In the sense of perception, what the planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu & Mangal (Kujan or Chevvai) might not cause the harm or danger, might even become more serious when considered from psychological point of view, and Sure it would. Why, a few Astrologers even pronounce some negative things to scare the seeker, just for monetary gains and advocate some sort of fear that instilling them to accept the Astrologers words as gospel. Thus the seeker become victims of the quacks in the name of Astrologers. 

Now let us see what Dharma Sasthra state about the Astrologers! As a matter of fact, the Shastras prohibit a true Brahmin from making any predictions for monetary gains. In our recent times, Bharat Ratna awardee Mahamahopadhyaya  Shri. P.V.Kane has authored many books on The History of Dharmashastra, that earned him the highest award “Bharat Ratna”. His writings quoted from the many Vedic Scripts in itself is a guide for Brahmins. specifically for an Astrologer, how to behave. Shri Kane’s discrption about Brahmins and their profession, as he quoted from the Dharma Sasthras, he describes specifically the Astrologers who make the subject for their earnings are not to be equated with other Brahmins. This is stated in his Dharmasasthra Volume V –  page 527.  Many of his Dharmasasthra books give reference to Manu, Bruhat Samhita& Kaudilya. He even goes one step further and treats the Brahmin who sells the subject as outcast! Among the listings, Brahmins, who should not be invited for religious rites  such as (Homam) Havan, Yaga, Yagnja etc. where invoking of Gods; they are even prohibited from taking part in any Pithru pujas& kaingarya (Srardham known as Devesam etl) as Bhoktas- Manu Smruthi (III-62) which includes one who maintains himself by the practice of Astrology. Swami Vedantha Desika, in his Jadaka Parijatham prohibits seeking any monetary favour for  asttological consultations. However, Kaudilya gives an exception for the Brahmin Astrologers who does practice for the purpose of helping the needy rather than making a living out of it.

What I have experienced in all these years is, that a true Astrologer‘s intuitions are really high. And a successful Astrologer get the vision of strength from his honesty, he is able to get detailed sketch of the predictable results. Only a noble person with true divine knowledge of the subject Astrology can ascertain many facts from one’s natal chart. As long as a person is not commercializing his profession, his words are more powerful and the moment he/she thinks of making money out of this subject, he/she miserably flops in his predictions. If a persons charges fixed fees for reading and predicting an horoscope, irrespective of his client’s financial positions, then you can simply avoid him and find another one, who has not commercialized his profession. To be franks with the readers, NO VEDIC scripts or the subject ASTROLOGY can be sold for a sum. In the Ancient Veda, it is stated, that whoever sells the Vedic Teachings for monetary and personal gains, then he becomes a cursed one to inhuman and a blind! It should purely be for the well-being of the society and seekers alike.

According to Sri Swami Vedantha Desika’s “Jadaga Parijatham”, even the time of conceiving is to be taken for considerations, and also the time of pubetery of a woman is taken with a separate horoscope to study the full effects of planetary alliances; thus, in all, three different horoscopes are erected to find the strength of a person’s progeny – i.e. first the natal chart known as Birth Chart or Horoscope, then the puberty day’s chart, and finally the conceiving day’s planetary alignments. Please consider how far this is feasible and possible in practical life! Yet, a few rarely keep info on these subject and bring it to me! Yes, rarely, few people who are aware and know the value of these charts, surely keep one with them.  This information is considered to know about the woman and her progeny in detail. But for men, there is only one chart prepared – that is Birth Rasi Chart known as natal chart. The second being the conceiving time of a child, which happen to be same that of his partner’s conceiving time chart!

What if a person doesn’t have an horoscope or not knowing his exact birth time? Then, there is another method, known as “Prasna” aroodam. It is actually the current timing with which they erect a birth chart, a time they enter the astrologer’s place or a time they actually put a question. But unlike in the original horoscope chart, this might not give the desired result accurately. Here too, the Astrologer’s vision and power is limited to minimum extent only. However, a genuine Astrologer can compare the events that happened in a person’s life and predict accordingly. But again, this too is limited and the accuracy can vary depending on the vision of the person who predicts the Prashna Arooda Jadakam.

I know many a Astrologers, as their side income for survival, do sell some sorts of items such as talismans, Chalit, precious stones, Gems and Yantra (an energized copper/silver or gold plate). And some times they do suggest and offer to perform some sort of sacrifice with holy fire, Pooja to weed off the ill effects of the weaker planets that he might have noticed on one’s natal chart. No doubt, these remedies are part of Vedic scripts and commands, but only give its full effect when done with authentic way as suggested in the Vedic Scripts & manuals. What they call the performance as “Sastrokta” i.e. purely according to the system advocated by the Veda Sastra.

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TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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