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by TRS Iyengar

Illustrated below are the terms used in match any horoscope for a marriage and the compatibility depends on maximum counts that goes fine with each other. Though in the next article under Star Matching Table you’ll find the normal procedure for acceptable terms for a Vivaha or marriage, the listed below are just for the sake of people to understand the values underlined in our ancient Hindu Astrology System. To the best of my knowledge, these are the just and perfect analysis that can bring a very prosperous and bonded life to the newly wed couples, if every aspect is keenly understood.

Chart for Star Matching, Kalathra Dosham, Rahu Ketu Dosham and Kuja Dosham, Chevvai Dosham known as Mangal Dosham (Mangalik) are explained in detail below. Even a lay man can just compare and easily understand these basic elements in a person’s horoscope.

I am giving below the matching criteria for alliance and marriage proposals for those who still believe in a traditional and long trusted method of Star matching. You can just find these details in any Almanac known as Panchangam. I am translating the astrological points in English for the net surfers to understand it easily, more so for those who do not read or write Indian Languages Sure, for a happy & successful married life, the horoscope of girl should be not only good but also match with yours (boy). Nowadays divorces are increasing manifold. It is impossible find an horoscope that is good in all respects and match with yours in all aspects but a minimum requirement should be met with. Only then you will have a happy and harmonious married life. So attach considerable importance to the quality of girl’s horoscope and it’s matching with that of yours. You may even take the advice of experts before you take a final decision.

Girl’s Star (Dinam)
If the girl’s star is Mrigasheersham, Makam, Swathi, Anusham and Uthirattathi then you need not look into other details and can immediately select her. These stars are considered to be exceptionally good and so do not require matching of horoscope from other angles. But one MUST check for Kuja Dosham known as Chevvai dosham or Mangalik or Manglik. This is the only condition laid down to chose among the above five Nakshatram known as nakshatra or constellations.

Rajju (Topmost prioritygiven  for this by every Caste. ) 
Matching of Rajju is most important. Star of girl should not be the same or 10th or 19th of boys star. Some same stars are however exceptions viz.    Thiruvathirai,  Makam, Mrigaseersham, Swathi, Anusham & Uthirattathi. Excepting the six stars listed herein, for other stars if Rajju match is not found. then the alliance should be dropped at the first place.  NO SAME RAJJU horoscopes should be matched with the exception to the six stars listed. This is the most vital and important match that one should and must consider, irrespective of Caste. creed or religion

Count from girl’s star up to your star and divide the figure by nine. If the reminder is 2,4,6,8 then matching is good. If it is 5 it is tolerable. But if the reminder is 1, 3, 7 then there is no matching.

Rasi (Moon sign)
Your Rasi should be at least 6 counts from that of the girl. The Lord of your Rasi should be friendly one to the Girls Rasi and not an enemy sign to the girl’s Rasi.

Yoni (Physical compatibility)

   Birth StarRepresenting AnimalBirdTreeGanam Or Star Qualities
Aswini / Asvini /AswineeMale HorseRajaliEttiDivine
Barani / BharaniMale ElephantCrowNelliHuman
Karthigai / KrittikaFemale goatPeocockAthiDemon
RohiniHe SerpentOwlNawalHuman
Mrigashersham / MirgFemale PelicanHenKarungaliDivine
Thiruvadharai / ArdraMale DogSparrowShengaliHuman
Punarpusam / PunarvasuFemale CatSwanMoongilDivine
Pusam / PushyaFemale GoatWater CrowArasuDivine
Ayilyam / AsleshaFemale CatKeech KeechPunnaiDemon
Magam / MakamRatHe EagleAlDemon
Puram /PooramFemale CatShe EaglePalasuHuman
Uthiram /Uthra PalkuniBuffalosWoodpeckerIthiHuman
Hastham / HastamCow BuffaloVultureAthiDivine
Chtithirai / ChitraTigerChilwanduVilwamDemon
Swathi / SvathiCow BuffaloBeeMaruthamDivine
Visakam / VisakaTigressStorkKadukkaiDemon
Anusham / AnuradhaDeerVanambadiMagiyamDivine
Kettai /JyeshtaDeerChakkaravagamParaiDemon
Moolam /MulamFemale DogShembothuMango treeDemon
Puradam /PooradamMonkeyKavuthariVanchiHuman
Thiruvonam / SravanamMonkeyPelicanErukkuDivine
Avittam /DanishtaLionessVanduValliDemon
Sadhayam /SathayamFemale HorseDead Black CrowKadambuDemon
Poorattadhi /PurattathiLionUllanThemaHuman
Uthirattadhi /UthrattathiCowKottanVembuHuman
Revathi /RevatiCow ElephantValluruIluppaiDivine

The second column in the Table gives the name of animal associated with the star. This is an  indication of compatibility for male/female Yoni of the star. Thus if matching and not that of enemies star, then the couples should enjoy their sexual life to the fullest satisfaction and it makes them more bonded to each other. The Yoni of girl and boy should be of different one in star/animal. Further the animals associated with girl’s star should not be that of an enemy star of that of boy’s star such as Cow-Tiger, Elephant- Lion, Horse-Buffalo, Serpent-Mongoose, Monkey-Goat, Cat-Rat, Deer-Dog etc. It is easy one can just find the enemy to one another. 

Ganam (Qualities of Person)
The fifth column in the Table gives the ganam associated with a star. Boy and girl should belong to the same ganam. If boy belongs to ‘Angel’ ganam, the girl can be of ‘Human being’ ganam. There will be agreement if boy belongs to ‘demon’ ganam and girl to ‘Human being’ ganam’. If the ganam of both boy and girl belong to ‘Demon’ then the star of boy should be above 14th of girl’s star.


The agreement is good if the count from girl’s star to boy’s star is 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25.


(Attraction to each other)
Agreement of Rasi for vasiyam known as attraction to each other are given in following Table.

Rasi  Or Moon sign of girl or boy that Attracts> These signs are attracted Rasi of girl or boy 
MeshamSimham, Vrichikam
VrishabamKatakam, Thulam
KatakamVrichikam, Dhanus
ThulamMakaram, Kanni
MakaramMesham, Kumbam

Stars which are Veddai to each other are given below
Ashvini – Kettai
Barani – Anusham
Karthigai – Vishakam
Rohini – Swathi
Thiruvadharai – Thiruvonam
Punarpusam – Uthiradam
Pusam – Puradam
Ayilyam – Moolam
Magam – Revathi
Pooram – Uthirattadhi
Uthiram – Poorattadhi
Hastham – Sadhayam
Mrigasheersham – Chithirai – Avittam. The boy’s star should not be Vedai to girl’s star and vice versa


There are 3 Nadis viz. Parshva Nadi, Madya Nadi, Samana Nadi .The stars belonging to the three Nadis are given below.
Parshva Nadi – Ashvini, Thiruvadharai, Punarpusam, Uthiram, Hastham, Kettai, Moolam, Sadayam, Poorattadhi
Madya Nadi – Barani, Mrigasheersam, Poosam, Pooram, Chithirai, Anusham, Pooradam, Avittam, Uthirattadhi
Samana Nadi – Rohini, Ayilyam, Magam, Swathi, Vishakha, Uthiradam, Thiruvonam, Revathi.
The girl and boy should not belong to the same Nadi.

Chevvai Dosham: (Kuja Dosham or Maglik known as Mangalik)
If Chevvai (Mars) is placed in 7th or 8th house from Lagnam or Chandran; the horoscope has a strong Chevvai dosham. If Chevvai (Mars) is placed at 7th or 8th house from Sukran (Venus), there is Chevvai dosham but it is slightly milder than earlier. If Chevvai (Mars) is placed at 2nd, 4th, or 12th house from Lagnam, Chandran or Sukran (Venus) there is mild Chevvai dosham. For horoscope agreement, theChevvai dosham in girl and boy’s horoscope should be of matching order. If Chevvai is in 7th or 8th house from Lagnam or Chandran in girl’s horoscope, then Chevvai should also be in 7th or 8th house from Lagnam or Chandran in Boy’s horoscope for matching. Otherwise, there will be no agreement. If Chevvai is along with Guru or is seen by Guru (5th or 7th or 9th house from Guru), then the degree of Chevvai dosham gets reduced. If Chevvai is in own house or is exalted or debilitated, the Chevvai dosham gets reduced or is not present (according to some).

Rahu/Ketu Dosham:
If Rahu/Ketu is in 7th or 8th house from Lagnam or Chandran, there is Rahu/Ketu dosham. For matching, there should be Rahu/Ketu dosham in both girl’s and boy’s horoscope or both horoscopes should be free from Rahu/Ketu dosham

Dasa Sandhi:  (Running Same Dasa or Bukthi for both
No dasa in girl and boy’s horoscope should change within 6 months of each other within 30years from marriage. If such a conjunction of Dasa occurs, there is Dasa sandhi and the horoscopes should not be matched.  

Marriage Star Matching as per North Indian & East Indian Type (With Gunas & Values)

In the above, the system of South Indian Star Matching is explained. Now let us see how the North Indian system calculates the star matching. It is related the effect resulting from the consonance and dissonance, amity and hospitality, between the stars (and destinies) of a couple proposed to be bride and bridegroom. Having ascertained that the houses (kula), the family names (Gotra – same Gotra must be avoided, as it is considered brother-hood namely Sahotra), and the individual dispositions (Svabhava) of the postulants are free from inherent blemish, their Gunas (qualities or requisites) must be determined from the zodiacal signs and the Nakshatras presiding over their birth. Though, there is nothing much difference while taking the general qualities, the North Indian system is very specific about the points earned for each Guna, that is quite different from that of Generally acknowledged South Indian Astrological system.

The total value given for Gunas are 36;  of this at least more than half (nineteen minimum) are requisite for a prosperous match; and thence upwards, the fruit resulting from their influence is proportional to their number of Gunas count. Please take a careful look at each of the Table given here below under Chart-A, Chart-B & Chart-C, then take the gunas obtained in total for each head from these tables and add it to the total sum to arrive to the conclusion whether one matches or not.

Chart – A indicate the presiding planet, the nature (or genus) and the caste that belong to the sign (in theory, not in practice) of the alliance. 

Chart – A

Moon Rasi / Zodiacal SignPresiding Planet known as owner of each SignGenus Caste
Mesham / AriesMangal – MarsQuadrupedKshatriya
Rishabam / TaurusSukra – VenusQuadrupedVaisya
Mithunam / GeminiBudha – MercuryHumanSudra
Karkatakam / CancerChandra – MoonInsectBrahman
Simmam / LeoSurya – SunQuadrupedKshatriya
Kanni / VirgoBudha – MercuryHumanVaisya
Tulam / LibraSukra – VenusHumanSudra
Viruchigam / ScorpioMangal – MarsInsectBrahman
Dhanur / SagittariusGuru – JupiterMan-horseKshatriya
Makaram /CapricornSani – SaturnWater-manVaisya
Kumbam / AquariusSani – SaturnHumanSudra
Meenam / PiscesGuru – JupiterAquatic AnimalBrahman

Chart – B

Of Caste the highest No. of Requisites is 11   TOTAL 36Gunas    
Of Vasiya, of keeping in subjection, the highest No. is 22
Of the power of Nakshatras or asterisms the highest is 33
Of Class the highest No. is 44
Of Planets the highest No. is 55
Of Group the highest No. is 66
Of Kuta the highest No. is 77
Of Nadi the highest No. is 88

Chart-B shows the number of Guna, or qualities, requisite for a prosperous match distributed under eight headings.

Chart-C explains the group and class to which a person belongs when the asterism. (Nakshatra, or constellation) of his birth-time is known, together with his Nadi, or hour of twenty-four minutes. The twenty-seven stars are classified under three heads: of Divine (Deva gana), of Human (Manusha Gana)  and of Demons (Rakshasas),  (this is just same as that of South Indian type) and the star determines to which the querent one belong to. Moreover, each Nakshatra / Star. is divided into four quarters, and of these nine quarter make one zodiacal sign. The name-letter used for each quarter, the moon sign each quarter belong to & Naming a child based on these can also be obtained from another page of this website under the headline Naming As per Astrology.

Chart – C

Nakshatra or ConstellationGroup (Ganam)Class – Signifying AnimalNadi Hour of 24 m
AshviniDivine / DevaHorseAdi Nadi /First 
BharaniHuman /ManushaElephantMadhya Nadi /Middle
KrittikaDemon RakshasaRamLast
RohiniHuman / ManushaSerpentLast
ArdraHuman/ ManushaDogFirst
PunarvasuDivine / Deva CatFirst
PushyaDivine / DevaRamMiddle
Purva PalkuniDivine / DevaMouseMiddle
Uttara PalkuniDivine / DevaCowFirst

Please consider the tables more carefully. As is shown Chart- B, the Gunas are of various values and are distributed under eight heads.

1. Caste of the sign (oh, not of the person!). If both fall in the same caste signs, or the caste of the bridegroom be higher, there is one Guna (of the thirty-six) otherwise there is none.

2. Vasiya known as attraction to each other, or keeping in subjection, one of the prime considerations of marriage. If the zodiacal signs of bride and bridegroom be of the same genus (Chart-A) this represents two Gunas. If the person kept in subjection be also the “food” of the other, this counts for only one-half (Guna). If there be natural friendship between the general of the bride and bridegroom this stands for two Gunas; and if one be an enemy to the other, and also keep the other in subjection, it represents only one Guna. The consideration is as follows: To the human genus every quadruped, saving only the lion, remains in subjection; for instance, the quadruped ram is subject to, and is the “food” of, the human genus, with one exception, the Brahman. The same is the case with the fish and the crab amongst lower animals. The scorpion is the general enemy to the human race, and other animals are enemies as well as food. Thus we discover which of the two persons will hold the other in subjection.

3. The Nakshatras (Chart-C) must be considered as follows: The bride’s Nakshatra should be counted from that of the bridegroom, and the number be divided by nine. If the remainder be three, five or seven, it is a sign of bad fortune; and vice versa with all others. Similarly the bridegroom’s lunation should be counted from the bride’s; and if, after dividing as before by nine, the remainders of both parties indicate good fortune, this counts as three Gunas, the maximum. Only if one portend well, it counts as one Guna and a half: otherwise there is no Guna.

4. Class. This is simply classifying the physical compatibility. The Yoni or the personal organ that equates to a specific animal is to considered for mutual friendship/lasting pleasures. The perfect friendship counts for four Gunas; common friendship as three, indifference as two; enmity as one, an exceeding enmity as half a Guna. Perfect friendship can subsist only between two human beings of the same caste. Cows and buffaloes, elephants and rams, live in common friendship. Cows and tigers, horses and buffaloes’ lions and elephants, rams and monkeys, dogs and deer, cats and mice, snakes and ichneumons are exceedingly inimical. Common enmity and indifference are easily exemplified by the lives of ordinary men and beasts.

5. Planets. Or the Rasi Lords. If the presiding planets of both persons be the same, and there be perfect friendship, this counts for five Gunas; or four if only common friendship. If there be friendship with an enemy of the other person it reduces the value to one Guna, and if both have such friendship to one half. In cases of mutual indifference the Gunas amount to three, and if there be mutual enmity there is no Guna.

6. Groups as in Chart-C. If both belong to the same group, six Gunas are present; also if the bridegroom belong to the Divine-group and the bride to the Human-group. The reverse reduces it five: if the bridegroom be of demon-group, and the bride of Divine-group, there is only one Guna, and in all other cases none.

7. Kuta, that is the agreement of the zodiacal signs and Nakshatras of bride and bridegroom. It is of two kinds, auspicious and ill-omened. The Kuta is fortunate if the bride and bridegroom be born in the same sign, but in different asterisms, or in the same asterisms, but in different signs, or, lastly, in the same asterisms but in different quarters. A difference of seven asterisms is also auspicious; for instance, if the bridegroom’s asterism be Ashvini (Chart-C) and that of the bride Pushya. The same is the case with three, four, ten and eleven asterisms, and with a second sign from an even sign; for instance, Cancer being the fourth is an even sign, and if the sign of one party be Cancer and the other Virgo, the Kuta is auspicious. This is also the case with a sixth sign from an even sign; and an eighth and a twelfth from an odd sign. But a second sign, a fifth, a sixth, a ninth, and a twelfth from an odd sign, and an eighth from an even sign, are unfortunateKutas

The Gunas of Leo and Virgo are both auspicious. If there be a fortunate Kuta, and the sign of the bridegroom be remote from that of the bride, and if there be enmity between the classes of the two, this conjunction will represent six Gunas. If there be the same sign and different asterisms, or the same asterism and different signs, the Gunas number five. In an unfortunate Kuta if there be friendship between the classes of the postulants, and the bride’s asterism be remote from that of the bridegroom this counts for four Gunas; but if there be only a single condition, it reduces the requisites to one. In all other cases there is no Kuta. However, the sixth & eighth moon sign or vice-versa is not an auspicious one, as it is said to be a Maraka sthana (sufferings equal to death effects) are considered as enemy sign. One can just see, Mars being the lord of 1st and 8th houses, still the match is not recommended because of the Sashta-Astakam nature. Likewise, Taurus & Libra are of under same Lord, Venus, yet this come under Sashta- Ashtama effects.

8. The Nadi or point of time. If the Nadis of the bride and bridegroom be different, as e.g., first and last, first and middle, last and middle, this conjunction represents eight Gunas. The requisites are nil when the Nadi is the same. Most importantly, it should not fall in the same Nadi for the partners.

In all, there should be 18+ gunas for matching the horoscopes; if it is lesser, then it is strongly recommended to avoid the alliance.

You’ll find in the next article the exact matching stars for Each Nakshatra that is to be counted from girls nakshatra.

TRS Iyengar

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