Prayer, The Value & Benefits

Prayer, a first step for success

Try this for yourself, You will surely benefit.


Again, I received this information from Dr. Trucit Vora, via E-mail. Everyone knows, prayer is a very powerful  tool for human kind to handle it freely. No cost involved. No burden. But a sincere and honest effort with full concentration in your prayer, surely will return the Good results. God is within every soul, every creature, in every existing atom and particles. Deny not your own self, this power of enlightenment. One is sure to achieve good result by this practice. Our Temples are meant for this specific purpose. PRAYER. Here goes the text of Dr. Vora.

Discover amazing power by trying Prayer Power. Following are ten rules for getting effective results from Prayer:

1. Set aside a few minutes every day. Do not say anything.  Simply practice thinking about God. This will make your mind spiritually receptive.

2. Then pray orally, using simple, natural words. Tell God anything that is on your mind. Do not think you must   use stereotyped pious phrases. Talk to God in your own language. He understands it.

3. Pray as you go about the business of the day, on the subway or bus or at your desk. Utilize minute prayers by closing your eyes to shut out the world and concentrating briefly on Gods presence. The more you do this every day the nearer you will feel Gods presence.

4. Do not always ask when you pray, but instead affirm that Gods blessings are being given, and spend most of your prayers giving thanks.

5. Pray with the belief that sincere prayers can reach out and surround your loved ones with Gods love and protection.

6. Never use a negative thought in prayer. Only positive thoughts get good results.

7. Always express willingness to accept Gods will. Ask for what you want, but be willing to take what God gives you. It may be better than what you ask for.

8. Practice the attitude of putting everything in Gods hands.  Ask for the ability to do your best and to leave the results confidently to God.

9. Pray for people you do not like or who have mistreated you. Resentment is blockade number one of spiritual power.

10. Make a list of people for whom to pray. The more you pray for other people, especially those not connected with you, the more prayer results will come back to you.

If one is serious enough to spend few minutes daily, then he/she can achieve desired level of happiness in about two month’s time. The simple phrase of “Sarve Janass Sukhino Bhavanthu” is the essence of this prayer.  – TRS Iyengar

TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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