Sri Vishnu Ashtothra Satha Namavali (108 Vishnu Names)

Sri Vishnu Ashtothram, Mahavishnu Ashtothra Satha Namavali – 108 Names of Lord Sri Vishnu

Sri Mahavishnu Ashtothra Satha Naamavali (108 Names of Sri Mahavishnu)
Om Achyuthaaya Nama:Om MahaaMaayaaya Nama:
Om Ananthaaya Nama:Om Maadhavaaya Nama:
Om Anathinithanaaya Nama:Om Mukthaanaam ParamaagathayE Nama:
Om Anirudthaya Nama:Om Mukundhaaya Nama:
Om Amruthaaya Nama:Om Yagnjaguhyaaya Nama:
Om Aravindhaaya Nama:Om YagnjapathayE Nama:
Om Achvathaaya Nama:60
Om Aadithyaaya Nama:Yagnjaajnjaaya Nama:
Om Aadhidevaaya Nama:Om Yagnjaaya Nama:
Om Aanandaaya Nama:Om Raamaaya Nama:
10Om LakshmeepathE Nama:
Om Easwaraaya Nama:Om Lokaathyakshaaya Nama:
Om Upendraaya Nama:Om Lohidaakshaaya Nama:
Om Ekasmai Nama:Om Varadhaaya Nama:
Om OjasthejOthyuthitharaya Nama:Om Varthdanaaya Nama:
Om Kumuthaaya Nama:Om Varaarohaaya Nama:
Om KruthajNnjaaya Nama:Om Vasupradhaaya Nama:
Om Krishnaaya Nama:70
Om Kesavaaya Nama:Om VasumanasE Nama:
Om Kshethrajnjaya Nama:Om Vyakthiroopaaya Nama:
Om Gathaatharaaya Nama:Om Vaamanaaya Nama:
20Om Vaayuvaahanaaya Nama:
Om Garudathwajaaya Nama:Om Vikramaaya Nama:
Om Gopathaye Nama:Om VishnavE Nama:
Om Govindaaya Nama:Om VishwaksEnaaya Nama:
Om Govithampathaye Nama:Om Vrushodharaaya Nama:
Om Chathurbhujaaya Nama:Om VedhavithE Nama:
Om Chathurvyoohaaya Nama:Om Vedaangaaya Nama:
Om Janaadhanaaya Nama:80
Om Jyeshtaaya Nama:Om VEdhaaya Nama:
Om Jyothiraadithyaaya Nama:Om Vaikunthaaya Nama:
Om Jyothishe Nama:Om SaraNaaya Nama:
30Om Shanthaaya Nama:
Om Dhaaraaya Nama:Om SaarngadhanvanE Nama:
Om Damanaaya Nama:Om SaasvathasthaaNavE Nama:
Om Dhaamodaraaya Nama:Om SikandinE Nama:
Om Deepthamoorthaye Nama:Om Sivaaya Nama:
Om Dhuswapna Naasanaasanaaya Nama:Om Sreedharaaya Nama:
Om Devakeenandanaaya Nama:Om Sreenivaasaaya Nama:
Om Dhananjaaya Nama:90
Om NandinE Nama:Om SrimathE Nama:
Om NaaraayaNaaya Nama:Om Subhaangaaya Nama:
Om NaarasimhavabushE Nama:Om Sruthisaakaraaya Nama:
40Om SangarshaNaaya Nama:
Om Padmanaabhaaya Nama:Om SadhaayOginE Nama:
Om PadminE Nama:Om Sarvadhomukaaya Nama:
Om Parameshwaraaya Nama:Om SarvEchvaraaya Nama:
Om Pavithraaya Nama:Om Sahasraakshaaya Nama:
Om Prathyumnaaya Nama:Om Skanthaaya Nama:
Om PraNavaaya Nama:Om SaaksheeNE Nama:
Om Purantharaaya Nama:100
Om Purushaaya Nama:Om Sudharsanaaya Nama:
Om Pundareekaakshaaya Nama:Om Sooraananthaaya Nama:
Om Bruhathroopaaya Nama:Om Sulabhaaya Nama:
50Om Sookshamaaya Nama:
Om Bhakthavathsalaaya Nama:Om HarayE Nama:
Om BhagavathE Nama:Om HiraNyagarbhaaya Nama:
Om Madhusoothanaaya Nama:Om Hiranyanaabhaaya Nama:
Om MahaadEvaaya Nama:Om Hrusheekesaaya Nama:
The meaning for all above names are already appearing in the Sri Mahavishnu 1008 Namavaligiven in the Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Page

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