Sri Lakshmi Ashtothram – Ashtothra Satha Namavali

(While performing Archana, please add “Om” at the beginning and “Namaha:” at the end of each name.)

S.No.NameMeaning01PrakrutiNature02VikrutiMulti Faced Nature03VidyaWisdom04SarvabhootahitapradaOne Who Grants Universal Pleasures05ShraddhaOne Who Is Worshipped06VibhutiGoddess Of Wealth07SurabhiThe Celestial Goddess08ParamatmikaThe Omnipresent Goddess09VachiOne Who Has Nectar Like Speech10PadmalayaOne Who Resides On The Lotus11PadmaLotus12ShuchiGoddess Of Purity13SwahaAuspicious14SwadhaOne Who Dispels Inauspiciousness15SudhaGoddess Of Nectar16DhanyaPersonification Of Gratitude17HiranmayiOne Who Has Golden Appearance18LakshmiGoddess Of Wealth And Prosperity19NityapushtaOne Who Gains Strenght Day After Day20VibhaOne Who Is Radiant Faced21AditiOne Who Has Radiance Like The Sun22DeetyaOne Who Answers Prayers23DeeptaFlame Like24VasudhaGoddess Of Earth25VasudhariniProtector Of Earth26KamalaLotus27KanthaConsort Of Lord Vishnu28KamakshiAttractive Eyed Goddess29KamalasambhavaOne Who Emerges From The Lotus30AnugrahapradaOne Who Grants Good Wishes31BuddhiGoddess Of Wisdom32AnaghaSinless Or Pure Goddess33HarivallabhiConsort Of Lord Vishnu34AshokaOne Who Dispels Sorrows35AmruthaGoddess Of Nectar36DeepaRadiant Faced37LokashokavinashiniOne Who Removes Worldly Troubles38DharmanilayaOne Who Establishes Eternal Law39KarunaCompassionate Goddess40LokamatriUniversal Mother41PadmapriyaLover Of Lotus42PadmahastaOne Who Has Lotus Like Hands43PadmakshyaOne Who Has Lotus Like Eyes44PadmasundariBeautiful Like The Lotus45PadmodbhavaOne Who Emerges From The Lotus46PadmamukhiLotus Faced Goddess47PadmanabhapriyaBeloved Of Padmanabha – Lord Vishnu48RamaaPleaser Of Lord Vishnu49PadmamaladharaOne Who Wears The Lotus Garland50DeviGoddess51PadminiLike The Lotus52PadmagandhiniOne Who Has Fragnance Like The Lotus53PunyagandhaThe Divine Perfumed Goddess54SuprasannaCompassionate Goddess55PrasadabhimukhiOne Who Grants Boons And Wishes56PrabhaGoddess With The Radiance Like The Sun57ChandravadanaMoon Faced Goddess58ChandaCalm Like The Moon59ChandrasahodariSister Of The Moon60ChaturbhujaFour Armed Goddess61ChandrarupaBeautiful Like The Moon62IndiraRadiant Like The Sun63IndusheetalaPure Like The Moon64AhladajananiGoddess Who Bestows Happiness65PushtiGoddess Of Health66ShivaAuspicious Goddess67ShivakariEmbodiment Of Auspiciousness68SatyaTruth69VimalaPure70VishwajananiUniversal Mother71PushtiPossessor Of Wealth72DaridriyanashiniRemover Of Poverty73Preeta PushkariniGoddess Who Has Pleasing Eyes74ShantaPeaceful Goddess75ShuklamalambaraOne Who Wears White Clothing76BhaskariDazzling Like The Sun77BilvanilayaOne Who Lives Under The Bilva Tree78VararohaGoddess Who Bestows Wishes And Boons79YashaswiniGoddess Of Fame And Fortune80VasundharaDaughter Of Mother Earth81UdarangaOne Who Has A Beautiful Body82HariniOne Who Is Deer Like83HemamaliniOne Who Possesses Golden Garlands84DhanadhanyakiOne Who Bestows Wealth85SiddhiProtector86Straina SoumyaShowering Goodness On Women87ShubhapradaOne Who Grants Auspicious Things88NrupaveshvagathanandaOne Who Lives In Palaces89VaralakshmiGranter Of Prosperity90VasupradaBestower Of Wealth91ShubhaAuspicious Goddess92HiranyaprakaAdmist Gold93SamudratanayaDaughter Of The Ocean94JayaGoddess Of Victory95MangalaMost Auspicious96DeviDiety Or Goddess97VishnuvakshahOne Who Resides In Lord Vishnu’s Chest98VishnupatniConsort Of Lord Vishnu99PrasannakshiLively Eyed100Narayana SamashritaOne Who Seeks Refuge In Lord Narayana101Daridriya DhwamsiniOne Who Eliminates Poverty102DevlakshmiGoddess103SarvapadravanivariniOne Who Dispels Unhappiness104NavadurgaAll Nine Forms Of Durga105MahakaliA Form Of Goddess Kali106Brahma-Vishnu-ShivatmikaGoddess In The Form Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva107TrikalagyanasampannaOne Is Aware Of Past, Present And Future108BhuvaneshwaryaiSupreme Goddess Or Diety

Ithi Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtothra Satha NaamavaLi Samaaptha |

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