Newlywed Couples, This is for U – How to Conceive?

Sex Is Part Of Life- I. –  Newly wed couples- this is for YOU.

Gender Selection – Baby Boy or Baby Girl?  Here is the suggestion.


How to conceive? Conceiving probabilities – when High or Low?  Do you know this is a real thing..?!  

by TRS Iyengar 

For the benefit of the Newly married couples (Hi Newlywed couples – congratulations!) I post this article, so that they get a better “Progeny” called Mahendram.  Prayer is the most effective one, one can safely state. Still the Newlywed couples needs some guidance in many ways that will brighten & shine in their life. Here goes: Now you can plan and chose the GENDER of your baby Boy or Girl by using the Chinese planner chart given at the bottom of this page, according to your needs. The Chinese calendar varies from the Universal one so the approximate correction given according to English Calendar.  This is only a suggestive method, though proven accuracy in maximum number of cases; the author does not hold any responsibility for any  result   arising out of it usage.

Quite apart from the following listings, Please consider to check; one should check his/her horoscope, whether there is a progeny is indicated. Secondly, to choose the wanted gender, in one’s birth natal chart, the fifth house, fifth house Lord’s placement in a friendly house other than 8th & 12th houses and Jupiter’s (Guru) aspect to the fifth house or its placement in a good position are to be considered. Only then the following selection method works fine! One should take into account these factors while practicing the following method for a fool-proof result! Otherwise it may not work perfectly, to one’s desire.

 For A Happy married life and to gain full mental peace and also to create a new Healthy generation aye give below few suggestions. Aye am sure, if strictly adhered to these, every follower would surely benefit a lot more and enjoy a full life span with developed mental happiness.

To know and to follow these, you must keep handy a panchangam known as Almanac so that you can easily identify the dates suitable to your birth stars and moon sign.

To begin with, know your and your life partner’s birth star and moon sign. The astrological calculations and planetary movements are to maximum extent help one to conceive. You can find it in your horoscope, or you can simply check with any online website that give these basic things at free of charge. You need to give/feed your correct time, date of birth and place of birth to get the accurate birth star and moon sign.

Avoid any new ventures on any of your birth star days. On these days you will be a bit of tense and the body level pressure is likely to be fluctuating than normal days.

Avoid all important decision makings on the Chandraashtama days i.e. when moon transits through the eighth house to your moon sign. These days are very bad, especially people born on the Krishna Paksha i.e. after full moon day but before New moon day.

Also avoid Pradamai thithi – i.e. the immediate next day to New moon & Full moon days, then Ashtami & Navami – i.e. 8th & 9th days from New moon and Full moon days.

So far said is for common and avoidable days to start or begin any new ventures. The next is most vital that it deals with your personal life.

For every married couple, who are planning to have a child, the aforesaid stars, thithi and Chandraashtama applies more so if one intends to go for a child. In addition to above days they will have to avoid Bharani and Krittika nakshatra days too. If the couple can avoid all above dates/days, they will get hardly six to eight days left in a month to have physical relationship among husband & wife. Added to these 3 to 5 days gone – whence the natural monthly cycle period passes. (This mostly occurs during the avoidable Chandraashtama or Janma nakshatra days only for the majority of women, I can safely state here).

When then one gets the opportune time to plan and get their issues/child, a better progeny that they can be proud of? Is there any suitable days recommended, especially for newly wedded couples? What if they enjoy life as they wish & like?

just give below the negative aspect in the first place. So that one can understand the importance of Thithi & Nakshatra (birth Star known as constellation) and find out a solution to fit there needs!

**A woman conceiving on a Amavasya (new moon day) or Pradamai (the immediate second day from new moon/or of a full moon day thithis, delivers a spastic/under developed child or mentally unsound child.

**Women who conceive on her Chandraashtama day delivers a child who will be weak, suffers frequent ailments and illness and suffers with memory loss in the young age it self.

** If conceived on the Ashtami or Navami thithis, then the child likely to grow with some arrogance, aggressive tendency and never learns to adjust to the surroundings/situations.

** If Amavasya day also happens to be the Chandraashtama day for women who conceived on that day, and if Surya Dasha/Buktis too runs then, the child born will, mostly probably be blind or with defective eye sight.

** In addition a couple has to avoid having sex, a day when the husband goes for hair cutting (this is to avoid barber itch – related deceases), when one takes oil bath (to avoid body over heating) and when any of them suffering from dysentery (to maintain normal kidney functioning).

** Also one has to avoid sex on the day when any one of them goes on fasting, feeling headache, or any other urinary infections.

** If a couple can avoid having sex on the aforesaid days and follows strictly and plans for a child, the conceiving probability will be high on the other days, thus giving birth to a good and healthy baby.

** The timing for this should be chosen between 3 and 5 AM on any suitable day. By this timing, food consumed earlier night is almost digested and the early morning freshness in the air/ozone layer is rekindling one’s body and mind. This timing called as “Brahma Muhurtham” in the Vedic scripts. 

Based on the Jaathaga Paarijaatham, an Indian Vedic script describing the astrological points and methodology, for a Progeny to honor,  I reproduce the options on conceiving a child/Gender selection. Readers will note the points and plan accordingly. It is generally and medically not advisable to have sex on the menses periods of a woman. From the time of menses, five full days to be avoided for relationship. If by any chance a woman conceives on these days, then the child is born with abnormalities and short-lived one.  Desirable results can be obtained by following the information, according to ones needs. It is almost a kind of natural cycle that enriches the Gender Selection of your choice. This way of calculations is still widely followed in Southern part of India and particularly from Kerala. To any woman, to conceive is a GIFT and those are the one who are blessed by the God.

Day 06  =  A boy who preserves his traditions and values.

Day 07  =  A girl born with private organ defects or impotency. 

Day 08  =  A boy born with manly organ defects or impotency. 

Day 09  =  A blessed girl with beauty and brain. 

Day 10  =  A healthy and sound boy.

Day 11  =  An Ugly girl with uneven shape and odd look. 

Day 12  =  A boy with knowledge, wisdom and kind. 

Day 13  =  A characterless girl with sinful acts. 

Day 14  =  A boy with noble character and wisdom. 

Day 15  =  A beautiful girl with good and generous qualities

Day 16  =  A boy with good qualities of a scholar, learned and practical.

You will notice, from the day of menses first five days are to be avoided from start of menses day and again days 7, 8, 11 and 13th days for having physical relationship. To conceive an healthy and fittest child, this calculations to be kept in mind. From days 17th to next menses course, it is called safe period whence the chances of conceiving are remote. (days to be Counted from first day of menses – starting day as day one and so on).

Safer sex is only having sex with one person and that is a  lifetime partner – Your Wife!. This will avoid a lot of problems in future and also will be the most healthiest practice one must follow. Sex with anyone and anytime would bring you an unhealthy trend, frequent emotional failure, mental fatigue and may even get you into Skin ailments, HIV/Aids or sexually transmitted diseases.  So be cautious in choosing your partner for your sex and sexual pleasures. And according to Srivaishnava siddhantham, Sex is only for a Progeny to serve the Lord Sriman Narayanan, and nothing more to it! Of course, the emotional bondage, love, care and caress that one feels with the touch and hug should encourage each other for a caring love. But one should not forget, that this is only with a legitimacy and within the bonded married life!

Human body in itself is a mystery!  No one can say for sure that one has  fully control and knowledge of one’s own body. Yes, now you can simply do this following test and find whether you are aware of this.

Now take a deep breath. Exhale the same slowly. Check with your pointing finger taking it near to your nose,  from which nostril the breathed air is coming out. From right or left nostril ? or from both side nostrils?


If the carbon is released through your right nostril then it is a good omen. When starting to do some thing new or when moving out of your home for some auspicious functions, check your breath is emitted from your right nostril. If it is from the left nostril or when the flow is from both nostrils then wait for few minutes to continue. The best timing for having sex with your partner is while the emission is from your right side nostril.


When the emission of carbon is from your left nostril, then it is the best time for you to start your activities. Also while planning for a child and having sex see that the carbon emission is through your left nostril. If emitted from both nostrils or from the right one, then it is considered inauspicious.

Male / Female Infertility? Problem in Menstrual course Cycle?

An immediate & sure relief for so many defective organ failures.

Ayurvedic practice is the oldest one to judge the natural properties in a viable healthy way! From time immemorial, in India, the practice of using honey for years in medicine to strengthen the semen of men. If impotent men regularly take two tablespoon of honey before sleeping, their problem will be solved. In China, Japan and Far-East countries, women who do not conceive and to strengthen the uterus have been taking cinnamon powder for centuries. Women who cannot conceive may take a pinch of cinnamon powder in half teaspoon of honey and apply it on the gums frequently throughout the day, so that it slowly mixes with the saliva and enters the body. After consuming Honey & Cinnamon, many people experienced a wonderful change and got healthy babies too! **This was clinically proved in the western countries and is recommended by many physicians in general.

(**Read this Article, at the bottom of this article, a table explaining about  HONEY & CINNAMON )


Now, for the Effective Prayer part:

As the saying goes, prayer is the most effective tool to achieve all goals. Here is another suggestion to conceive a baby; if done for consecutive 96 days, in addition to above suggestions, recite the following versus for at least 28 times a day minimum (for better results to recite it for 108 times daily in the morning time only). The following script is for getting a baby child, known as Sri Santhana Gopala japam which is recited with Havan or Homam known as Holy fire. Generally, many Srivaishnavites are performing this ritual with Homam to be blessed with a child. Those who cannot afford to perform the Homam known as Holy Fire offering, can simply recite this versus, just simply 108 or 28 times a day for a consecutive 96 days. (Excluding one’s menses period / Menstrual course of 4 full days). If both husband and wife together chant and pray daily, the phonetic vibration is said to activate the genetical productivity organs and stimulates the brain neurons to activate the needed strength and stamina!

Here below is the slokha & Mantram to invoke Lord Sri Vasudeva. This Santhana Gopala Japam / Mantram is part of the scripts, that’s sufficient to recite. For the convenience of readers, I give this in Sanskrit, rough translation in phonetic English and in Tamil too. I hope this is helpful to the needy.

{This prayer is to invoke Lord Sri Vasudeva, the Father of the Universe, to bless with a child, for who prays &  who perform the recital with Holy fire (Homam),  thus to continue with their family generation. The chanted verse in Holy fire (Homam) would count to 1008 times.}

Now once You achieved your goal, take a few steps to normal delivery – Avoid surgical method

It is gift of nature, that is bestowed upon any luckiest women. Indeed, those of the majority are proud of it, that they could reproduce. Pregnancy is a very precious and important event in a woman’s life. And also, at times, if proper care is not taken, then it is a too risky one too. What is gifted is to be preserved, cared and nurtured till one gains the fruit of the labor. It is true that the development of the baby is affected by several maternal, physical & as well as fetal factors.

The commonly known problems are listed as below: hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, chronic renal disease etc. can cause harmful effects on the fetus. Similarly chromosomal anomalies in the embryo, and infections in the mother is known to cause several birth defects. Apart from afore stated causes, tension, fear, anxiety and chronic stress in pregnant would be mother can cause serious problems, resulting in the poor outcome. It is now well-recognized that stress causes psycho-neuro-immunological changes in the body level, leading to pregnancy complications; it can lead to irregular, in coordinate uterine contractions, that might cause distress ending in operative surgery. Hypersensitivity of the mother leads to intolerance to pain, requiring heavy dosage of painkillers, which are not safe for the unborn. Here, the side effects too pose serious problems in the future. There are three types of postulated mechanism that relatively lead to more complications. The three postulated mechanisms of transfer of maternal stress to the fetus are:-

1.  Reduction in blood flow to the uterus and fetus at increased levels of maternal stress.

2. Tran placental transport of maternal stress hormones.

3. Stress-induced release of placental CRH to the intra-uterine environment

The commonly known complications during pregnancy are excessive vomiting (hyper emesis gravid arum), intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and pre-term delivery.

If you take proper care, guidance and with confidence can carry on, sure one can get a healthy, strong and brilliant child. It is in pregnant woman’s will power, that will be put to test during the delivery time. If every one can withstand the paid and wait till a baby is born naturally, then sure the unwanted caesarian cases could reduce a maximum extent.

To cheer-up a pregnant women, Srivaishnava community used to do a lot more things; few such things are known as Poochoottal (floral decorations of the pregnant woman),  Valaikappu (Ornamental decorations with bangles of different types and color) and Seemantham (A ritualistic and elaborative function held during 7/8th month of pregnancy) are a few state.


From time immemorial, Indian habitats used to depend on nature’s wealth more than any count. And they were very successful in getting things done of their choice. The way they used the herbals then and now is really a wonder that they could pin point the value of each and every herbs that they found on the earth!

Tulsi, (Sacred or Holy Basil or Osmium Basilicum) a commonly available plant has a very high rich medicinal value. For normal cold and cough it is used as a home remedy, even to treat a new born child. It has no side effects. Thulsi (Tulsi) is a non poisonous and very commonly available throughout India. There are two verities; one black Tulsi and the other white. Black variety is generally used for medicinal purposes and the white one is used at all Temples and prayer halls for distribution. For effective natural contraceptive, Black Thulsi leaves are consumed raw. Minimum intake of twenty to twenty five Tulsi (Thulsi) leaves a day, gives a very effective contraception.

For any one who wants to postpone conceiving, they have to intake at least 20 Tulsi  (Thulasi) leaves every day in the morning. If the couples takes this for consecutive 3 to 4 months, that too regularly without any interval, then the conceiving probability is almost reduced or NIL. To gain more effectiveness, one has to take it in the empty stomach. If continued for 6 months, then at least for next 12 to 18 months a woman never conceives.

This is a natural contraceptive available and very cost effective. Further more there is no risk of any side effects or slow poisoning. In addition, the essence of this plant Tulsi (Thulsi, Tulsi  or Holy Basil) increases the blood circulation and also function as an antibiotic, in a natural way!

Hence I strongly recommend this method for those who want to plan their family way of life, without using the chemical combinations and oral pills. There are many more suggestions given in the Indian Scripts about this subject. Any one who needs information on these may contact me for details.

Now for the practical purposes I just give below the best period for a women to conceive. If you are planning for a child and to conceive in a very positive way, apart from the above notes, you must follow the guidance of the Medically Proven methods also. From the 7th day of a women’s menstrual course till the 15th day the chances are very bright for conceiving.

From the 15th to 22nd day from one’s MC period, the chances are very lean and later till the next cycle course it is called safe period when 99% chances of not conceiving. For child birth and normal delivery, a woman must be active all along from the day of conceiving and to take more calcium in her daily food. This prevents miscarriage and give good strength and vigor to the women and the conceived child too. Please read the article on Seemandham in the other page of this site, where care to be taken during pregnancy is listed.

This is not concluded. You will get more with supportive contents. Please visit again to check.

TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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