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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Sri Sudarsana

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

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085. Thirukkaatkarai – Sri Kaatkarai Appa Perumal Temple

About the Temple & Location:

This Divyadesam is situated in a small village which is found next to Ernakulam in Kerala state. It is close to Idappalli. when going in train, we have to get down in Irugnalakkodi railway station, which is on the railway lane between Aalvaai and Thirucchoor and if we get down in Angamaali railway station, we can reach this sthalam by travelling about 9 miles through North east direction. There is no lodging facility. So, bhaktas can stay in Ernakulam to get the seva of the perumal.

Sthlapuranam :

This sthala Emperumaan, Kaatkarai Appan is worshipped by the people treating him as the Amsam of Vaamanar. They take a very big utsavam for this perumal during the Onam festival.

Kerala is famous for Bananas and especially for a particular typed by named “Nenthiram”. This banana has a closer relationship with this sthala perumal. Once, a bhaktar (devotee) of the perumal, had a big land where the banana trees are planted. But, it doesn’t give him any yield and doesn’t give him any bananas. The devotee at that felt, that it might be some wrong thing he might have done and as a result of this only, the trees are not giving him the proper yield. So, he decided, the sight of the perumal fell on banana trees and from that time, it gave him lots of yield. Seen by the Kaatkarai appan’s Nethira eyes, the yield was very high and because of this, the bananas are named as “Nethiram Pazham”.

The Golden bananas which are dedicated towards Kaatkarai appan lost one day and the king on hearing this, blamed for the lost on a Yogi, who doesn’t know anything about it. He punished the yogi and treated him badly. But, the golden bananas were found inside the Garbhagriham of Moolavar sannadhi. On knowing this, the Yogi got angry and gave the sabham for the time, since he was caught as the thief only because of the time and after giving the sabham, he suicided and dead. But, his soul doesnt leave the world but it turned into a Brahma Raatshasan and roamed in the world.

To get out of the Sabham, as suggested by himself (the Yogi who is in the form of the Raatshasan), constructed a bamboo roof and destroyed it using the fire in this sthalam and thereby from the bright fire that comes out from the bamboo would ride away the sabham of the Yogi. After this, they all did the same thing suggested by the Yogi to rid away the curse known as sabham. As a result of this, a small temple was constructed for the Yogi and daily poojas are done to make him cool. This is one of the purana (older) history told about this sthalam.

Kaatkarai Appan gave his prathyaksham for Kapila munivar. Kapila munivar was born as as the son for Karthama Prasapathi and Devabhoothi and he is said to be the amsam of Vishnu. He explained the Gnana thathuvam for his mother itself. He was given space to do his daily Tapas by the Sea Lord known as Samuthira rajan.

Once, Indiran grabbed the horse of Sakaraas and tied the horse behind the hut of Kapila muni. Thinking that Kapila muni has made a theft of taking the horse towards himself, the Sakaraas blammed upon Kapila muni. But, on hearing the blaming words from them, he got angry and made them into ash by his firing vision.

After this, Bakeerathan, got the Ganga water from Lord Shiva and poured on the ash of Sakaraas to make them to get the mukthi. Having this kind of greatness person is Kapila muni, who was given the prathyaksham of the perumal.


The Moolavar of this sthalam is Kaatkarai Appan. Moolavar is in Nindra Kolam facing his thirumugham along the south direction. Prathyaksham for Kapila munivar.


The Thaayar found in this sthalam is Perunselva Naayaki. Also called as “Vaathsalya valli”.


      Nammalwar – 10 Paasurams.
Total 10.


Kapila Theertham.

Pushkala Vimaanam.

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