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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Sri Sudarsana

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

008. Thiruvelliyankudi – Sri Kola Valvilli Ramar Perumal Temple, Kumbakonam

Temple Location :

This temple lies in the District of Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. From Kumbakonam, we have to travel in a bus upto Anaikarai and from there to Senganoor and the temple is about 3/4 miles away from this place. The Sthalam can also be reached Via Chozhavaram, Muttakudi and Mayavaram.

Sthala Puranam:

As Lord Shukra (Venus) also known as Velli was in penance on this place and because of this, the sthalam is called as “Velliankudi”.

Among all the Planet’s Lord Shukra has an important place. He is the next brightest star to Sun and Moon.

He was the guru (mentor) of the Asura’s (demons). He was the one who taught the life Regaining Mantra “The Sanjeevini Manthram” to Kachan, the son of Brahaspathi, the guru of Deva’s.

Mayan was the sculptor of the Deva Logam. He is the father of Mandorai, wife of Ravana. He constructed many beautiful places such as Tiripura loga which floats in the sky (for Asura’s) etc. This great personality wanted to have a heartiful Dharsan of Sri Ramar. He requested Sri Ramar to give Dharsan without his Sangu and Chakaram. So Sri Ramar gave these things to Garudan and showed himself as “Kola Vallvill Raman” at this place.

And Garudan has Sangu and Chakkaram in his hands here. This incident shows that a true artist is beyond love and affection towards his family (ie) he is more concentrated in his work only. So, Lord Bhrama too came here to have Dharsan.

Many Sages and Saints have performed the “Vyasa Pooja” here.

This temple is maintained under the “Vygnasa Agamam” which means:
Viganasa Maharishi was born from the soul of Sriman Narayanan. The format of Slokams which he assorted is known as “Vyganasa Aagamam”, the Four Lakh Granda’s (letter format) which was formed by his four students Maharishi, Athiri, Bhrigu and Kashiyapar is also known as Vyganasam.

Bodily matters were put into the Gruhyam sect while details regarding the implantation of idols of deities, prayers, rules for repenting his sins (Prayachitham) are put under the Deivegam section.

As all the wordly bliss are found here, mother earth (ie) Bhoomi Piratti came here to get the Dharsan of the Lord here.

Like how Plaintain tree bores sapplings before it dies, the humanity should also cherish forever and to explian this, the sthala virutcham (ie) tree of the temple is Plaintain tree here.

Putkalavartham is the name of the cloud which bores all blissful things to humanity. As the lord of this place bless us heartly, the Pushkalavartha cloud become his Vimaanam here.


1. Since Lord Shukra, Lord Indra, Lord Brahma, Markandeya Maharishi, Parasara Maharishi, Mayan were all blessed by Lord Kola Valvilliraman specially here, if visited this sthalam gives all the Puniyam (Value of good deed’s) gained by having Dharsan at all the 108 divyadesams. only.

2. Garudan in this Sthalam has Sangu and Chakkaram in his hands, which will be generally found on the hands of the Perumal.


The Moolavar of this sthalam is Kola Valvilli Raman. He is giving his seva in Kidantha Thirukkolam in Bhujanga Sayam facing his thirumugham towards east direction. Prathyaksham for Lord Shukran, Brahma, Indra, Parasara, Mayan, Markandeya Maharishi and Bhoomi Piratti.


The Thayaar found in this sthalam is Maragadha Valli Thaayar.


The Utsavar found in this sthalam is Sringara Sundaran.


  • Thirumangaialwar – 10 Paasurams.
    Total – 10 Paasurams.


  • Sukra Theertham.
  • Brahma Theertham.
  • Indara Theertham.
  • Parasara Theertham.

Pushkalavartha Vimaanam.

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