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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Sri Sudarsana

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Thiruman Kappu

022. Thalaicchanga Naanmathiyam – Sri Naan Madhiya Perumal Temple, Mayavaram

About the Temple & Location:

This temple lies in the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. First, we have to travel to Aakur from Mayavaram, and then it’s about 2 miles away in the route towards Seerkazhi.

It’s 7 Km away from Kaviripoompatinam. Has no proper arrangements for stay.

Sthala Puranam:

Name reason:

Sangu means shells. As once the very best shells of Kaviripoompatinam was sold here. This place is called Thalai sangam (litrally – place of best shells). And as there were lot’s of purasa Maram (Purasa tree) the term Kadu – forest joined to give the name Thalai sang – Kadu = Thalaisangadu.

Lord Shiva wears the cresent moon as his head ornament. As like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu too has cresent moon in this place.

This temple is very small. Looks like the Chandraloga land of Moon god.

Thaayar has no seperate sannadhi.

As the Moolavar of this place took away the curse on the moon god, he is named as chandra Shaba Harar (ie) chandra – moon, Shabam – Curse, Harar – person who demolishes.

It’s said that before 40 years this place was in a demolished stage. Seeing this Vaduga Nambi Ramanuja dasar who was very old took up the renovation work which was completed by his student Sundara Ramanuja Dasan. and then Kumbabhisegam was conducted.

There’s many disputes regarding the birth of the moon god. Its being said that he was born from the chest of Sriman Narayana, that he was born while the great sea Thiruparkadal was churned and also it is said that he is the son of Athri Maha rishi and Anusya.

It’s also said that while Athri Maharishi was in a deep prayer, the sperm came out of his eyes and Lord Indra collected it and put it in his tower and named it soman and declare monday (Somavaram) as the day of Soman. As a result of his hard prayer he got the position as a planet and is still undertakes the role of beautifying Lord Shiva as a head ornament and as his third eye too.

Lord Chandra married the 27 daughters of Thakan, assistant of Lord cursed him to wane. But by Lord Shivas blessings he got his life back and still as an effect wanes and completely vanishes on the new moon day to regain his complete form on full moon day.

Yearly once his state becomes as low as a “Sandalan a person of very cowcader due to a curse of Lord Vinayaka.

As he was the one who showed the true form of Raaghu and Kethu to Lord Narayana while drinking the eternal drink Amudham, he become the enemy to them, and is bound to eclipse every year henceforth.

His chariot contains 3 wheels and has 10 horses in his chariot. It is also said that he would gain his light from the 64th ray of Lord Surya (sun god).


1. There is a very Precious Sangu (Conch – Shell) for the Perumal.

2. Beautiful idol of Sri Andal Naachiyar.


The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Naan Madhiya Perumal. Also known as Venn Chudar Perumal. He is giving his seva in Nindra (Standing) Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards east direction. Prathyaksham for Chandiran (Moon god), Deva Bhridangar, Deva’s Nitya suri’s.


The Thayaar found in this sthalam is Thalai Sanga Naachiyaar. And the Utsavar Thaayar is Sengamalavalli Thaayar.


The Utsavar found in this sthalam is Vyoma Jyothi Piran. Also known as Venchudar piran and Loganathan.

Chandra Pushkarani.

Chandra Vimaanam. 

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