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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Sri Sudarsana

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Thiruman Kappu

060. Thiruputkuzhi – Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple, Tirupukuzhi

About the Temple & Location:

This Divyadesam is situated about 7 miles away from Kanchipuram in west direction. 1/2 Kilometer away from Baluchetti Chattiram which is in between Chennai – Vellore highways. By travelling about 50 miles from Chennai, we can reach this sthalam. There is no proper lodging facility.

Sri Vijayaraghava PerumalSthlapuranam :

Emperuman, Sriman Narayanan born to King Dasaratha as Sri Ramar, left all of his properties and went to the forest as told by his father. When they went to the forest, Seetha pirattiyaar asked for the deer, which was actually not the deer, but it was Maareeshan, sent by Ravana. Then, Ravana came to Seetha piratti and took her along with him to Lanka, On the way to Lanka, Jadayu, the Eagle bird stopped him and fought with Ravana to release Seetha. But, in the end, Jadayu’s wings were cut by Ravana and fell down on the earth.

When Rama along with Lakshmana came there in search of Seetha Piratti, they found Jadayu fell down in the Land. Jadayu told that Ravana has took away Seetha along with him and on finally telling this, he died. Since, Lord Ramar gave the Sthanam (level) to Jadayu as his father, he did all the final ceremony to it and stayed there for a while.

As sugessted by Jadayu, the Perumal here gives his seva in the form in which he did the final funeral to Jadayu.

Jadayu belongs to Pul (a separate family of eagle ) family was burried in the pit (kuzhi) , this sthalam is called “Thiruppukkuzhi”.

Ramayana which is one of the Great epic, explains to the world about caste interactions and human love to each other. It also seeds the brotherhood culture into all the hearts of human society.

Guhan, who is the hunter, Sukgreev, who is a Monkey man and Vibeeshanan, who is the person belong to Arakka (Demon) family were treated as his own brothers by Sri Ramar.

Like this same way, Sabari, who was a old lady, who offered him with food and Agalikai, who became a stone because of Sabham, came back as a women, when Sri Rama’s feet was touched on that stone. Both were given the place of his mother. The Primary moral is that we can belong to any community (or) caste, but to attain God’s grace, out aathma should be pure and if it is in that way, we can attain it.

Treating, Guhan, Sukgreev and Vibeeshan as his brother and Sabari and Agalikai as his mother, Sri Ramar keeps Jadayu in his father’s stage and did all the final funeral. Since, he way away from his father’s and he could do the final ceremony to him, he kept Jadayu in his fathers place and did all the final thing to him.

Eagle is the bird which lives by eating dead bodies and the tissues. By doing the final ceremony to that kind of bird, Sri Ramar’s great character of loving and helping does not stop only towards human, but it is even extetnded to the animals is well explained to the world.

In this sthalam, the Moolavar is Vijaya Raghava perumal. He holds Jadayu in his hands. Both the Naachiyaars, are found on both the sides, but in opposite manner.

In this temple, ladies who doesnt have children, gives the dhal, (Paruppu) to Madapalli (place where the Lord’s food is prepared). After its given, the dhal is soaked inside water and it is tied around their stomach and said to sleep. After waking up from their sleep, if the seed buds, it is confirmed that they will give birth to a child.

Sri Vijayaraghava PerumalSpecial poojas are done on every Amavasai in a grand way.

Udayavar, Sri Ramanujar’s Guru, Yadhava Pirakasar started to teach the vedanthams to his followers here.

Moolavar and Thaayar:

The Perumal of this sthalam is Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal. Moolavar in found in Sitting position facing East direction.
Prathyaksham for Jadaayu (Eagle).


Maragathavalli Thayaar. She has her own temple.
Every year a grand festival is done for all the Perumals in this temple.

There is a seperate sannadhi for Jadayu.


  • Thiru Mangai Alwar – 2 Paasurams.
    Total – 2 Paasurams.

Udayavar and Manavala Maamuni has done lot of Mangalasasanam here.


  • Jadayu Pushkarani.
    Near this theeratham, in Thai month Theppa utsavam is done in a very big manner and special poojas are done on every Amaavasai.

Vijaya Koti Vimanam.

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