The Planet Saturn & Tirumala Tirupati

LORD SRI BALAJI (aka Srinivasar) of Thirumala Tirupati is the Parihara Kshetram for Planet Saturn

By Dasan Kudandai Amudhan

Saturn is known as ‘Shanai shchara’ (slow moving -in Sanskrit). Sani is the son of Sun and Chaya devi (shadow) and half brother of Yama. Saturn is identified with metal Iron, Tree is The Prosopis Spicigera (Sami Tree) – known as Vanni, Flower is karungkuvalai. The Vehicle known as Vahana is Crow and Animals are Dogs, Buffalos, monkeys, Ants in insetcs. Sani is Black colour and wears black/blue clothes, and in diretcion it is West. Taste is Astringant. Athi Devata is Yama. Sani owns Makara and Kumba Rasis. Saturn is for Implimentation of Law of Karma and Dharma. Hence denotes Judges. Sani Gems are Blue Sapphire. Element Is Air. Numerical Value is 8.

Saturn is a planet of Truth, ambition, achievement, Administraion, hard work, Borders, Doors, windows, Teeth, Chin, bones, nail, Human Hair. It rules over masses, dark places, Labour. He is enemy of Sun. Saturn is linked with History, Traditions, Past, Future, Black Magic, Frustration, Disappointment, Failure, Long term planning, Loneliness, Seperation. Saturn deals with reality. It rules over Rocks, Black Stones, Labour work like gardener, Farm workers, Lower strata of society, Jail, Prison workers/ wardners etc. Sanyasis, Sages are signified as religious orders Based upon observing discipline, isolation and personal Limitations. It rules over cold and dry places, Mountains, Gingelly Seeds, Oil, Mortgage, Debts, Civil Services, Slaves, Toughness etc. Saturn symbolize austerity, Simplicity, Concentration, Water Irrigation, Dams, Distribution of Water. Sani graha signify Cow-herds, Shepherds, wandering etc.

Saturn denotes Fasting, spirituality, Mediation, time, hearing-defect, miners, Ugly, Disabled, Deformity, aged, Handicapped, people are its karagathvam. Sweepers, Faithful Servents are denoted by Sani. According to Brihat parasara Hora Sastra, Sani dwells in Ant-hills, dirty places. Because he is Farthest from Earth he denotes the Final experience Death. Saturn rules Coal, Pressure and Ancient period. There is none who gives good results like Sani Graha or ruins the life like Sani. Longevity, Elderly people, Low Caste, Humiliation, Disgrace are denoted by Saturn. Father, Grand Father are indicated by Saturn which is the planet for social responsibilities, charity, Social Services etc. Sani will cause Long Delay, Slow Movement besides denotes Archaeology and Geological Departments. Sani being an agricultural planet, it indicates Implements used in farms/gardens. It denotes Disease, Limbs, knees, Dependents etc. Purana says Sani is opened with half his eyes and Sani is a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Let us see the connections between Sani Graha and Lord Srinivasar of Tirumala.

01) Lord Srinivasa took his avatar in Purattasi when Sani is said to reduce his negative power during this month as he is pleased with the Spirituality of this period due to both Pithru Kaaryams and Deva Kaaryams are peformed. worshipping Vishnu, Fasting on Purattasi Saturday would please Sani graha.

a) During the Month of Purattasi, Pithru kaaryam are performed as Mahalaya Paksha Tarpanam with water and Gingelly seeds (Ellu)  to please Pithrus who descent to earth to their ordained rites from their descendants as Kanya Rasi represent South (dakshinayanam)since Pitru Loka is in southern Hemisphere.

b) Purattasi starts when, Athma karaghan Sun transit to Kanya Rasi where Sukran, Natural Enmity of Sun attains Neecha and Budhan, Lord of this Rasi goes uchcha both by Default. Sukran denotes Material life/ Enjoyment which are kept away during this month. Sun a Friendly Graha to Budhan by virtue of transit to kanya Rasi makes Lord Vishnu, Adi-devada of Budhan pleased during Purattasi.

c) Kanya Rasi denotes Earth and on Navarathiri celebrated in Purattasi Sri Bhudevi is worshipped first along with other goddess on all 9 days. Radha Janmashtami also falls in this period.

d) Mahalaya Amavasya day is the day of Ancestors worship for all Hindus irrespective of Caste/Creed cutting across Linguistic/ Local Customs. Sani is pleased during this period when food is offered to Ancestors in Different forms as Sun is Pitru karagha and father of Sani graha.

02) Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) Avatar star is Sravanam which is in Makara Rasi owned by Saturn. Makara Rasi also denotes Earth in element and denotes our Karma Bhumi.

03) On First Seva of Suprabhatam, the very first opening of golden Door of Moolavar is done by a Golla (cow herder-Edayan) in the presence of Priests from Jeer Mutt and Temple officials. This honour of giving first darshan to a shepherd is for his community services to Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) when he was in penance in Hill. Doors, Cowherds, gesture to them on first seva are the indications of Sanis karagathvam.

04) The white spot (pacha karpuram) on the Chin of Lord Balaji reminds us the Hit suffered at the hands of Sri Ananthazhwar who had thrown an Iron spade on Lord when later came as an young Lad to help the Pregnant Wife of Ananthazhwar in their Dedicated Services in Nandavanam(Garden). Chin, tooth in Face are under the karagathvam of Saturn besides Iron Implements used in Farms, Garden, Labour help are also indicated by Sani. Even now one could see this crowbar in Entrance.

05) Sage Bhrigu, who went on a mission to find out the most Satvic Nature among Trio, having failed to see this quality with Brahma and Sivan, came to Lord Vishnu and finding him in Yoga Nidhra without bothering him, kicked upon Lord chest which is the abode of Lakshmi. Sri Vishnu apologised to Bhrigu for hurting his feet which hit the hard chest and hence massaged the feet of sage. By this act, Lord made Lakshmi get Angered, Humiliated/Insulted to make her leave Vaikuntam to the Earth. Disgrace, Insults Humiliation, thus arised are due to Sanis karagathvam.

06) Lord Srinivasar was desperately wandering in earth without Food and sleep to find out Lakshmi who left Vaikuntham on above reason. He finally reached Sheshadhri and took shelter in an Ant-hill to Meditate. Desperation,wandering without food,disappointment are Sanis karagam.

07) Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) Stayed in an Ant-Hill Under a Tamarind tree at Seshachalam and came out only to protect Cow and Calf (Brahma and Shiva) when a Shepherd tried to hit them, Emperuman Received the Blow on his Head and bleeded. Hence Golden Kireetam Presented by Akasa Raja is adorned on Fridays to Heal this injury. Ant Hill,Tamarind tree,Compassion in  receiving the  Blow are denoted by Sani…

08) Sri AdhiVaraha was the First God to occupy and own this Hill who had permitted Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) to stay here on condition all pujas and Naivedyam must be offered to him First and all devotees of Lord Balaji must offer their worship to him First before going to Srivari temple. Dependent and one who is obligated permanently are under Sanis karagathvam.

09) Vakulamalika, the old lady was directed by AdiVarahan to Render kainkaryum to Lord Srinivasar when he was in penance in Ant-hill at Seshachalam. She was serving food to Lord then and rendering kainkarium. She was the incarnation of Yasoda and desired to see the marriage of Lord Srinivasar as she could not see then the marriage of Lord Krishna with Rukmani and Sathya bhama. Pottu (Kitchen) in Temple is believed to be under the supervision of Vakulamalika. Compassion to Old aged Lady/ Gesture to Aged shows the influence of Sani graha.

10) Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) Borrowed money from Kuberan for his marriage with Padmavathi by signing a Promissory note to pay with interest duly prepared by Brahma, witness signed by Siva and a peepal tree known as Ashwathm. Kubera is mentioned in Vedas as ‘Chief of spirit of darkness and described as Dwarf, with  pot-belly, humpback, deformed ugly body with eight teeth, three legs and one small eye and a normal one. He is the Custodian of Nava nidhis of wealth to souls and half brother of Ravana. Permanent Debt, Mortgage and Financier, Ugly Description shows the influence of Sani graha.

11) Due to Own Sankalpam, Lord Srinivasar is away from his consort Padmavathi and stands alone in Tirumala while Thayar is in Thiruchanur Separately. Similarly Tirumala Hill is isolated from outside influence and confined to Spirituality. Sani Denotes Isolation, Seperation, spirituality.

12) Tirumala Hill in 3200 Ft above the sea level is a mountainous region with Cold and Dry Climate invariably round the year. Mountains, Cold -Dry Climate, Rocks/ Stones denotes Sanis karagam.

13) In Astronomy, various websites including describe Saturn is Farthest planet from Earth and Saturn has SEVEN RINGS of thin flat consisting of numerous narrow ringlets made up of Ice particles that travel around the planet. Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) is also in SEVEN HILLs and called as ‘Lord of Seven Hills”.

14) Tirumala is the only Hamlet in the world that has Four Dams for the tiny Town spread within a radius of 3 KM. All Four Dams were constructed on Holy Theerthams to meet the water Needs of town. Sani denotes Dams, Irrigation, Reservoir that retard/ slow/Regulate/reduce the Flow of Water.

15) Dhruvabera (moolavar) apart from four Uttchavars: Bhoga Srinivasar, Koulvu Srinivasar, Ugra Srinivasar and Malayappa Swami either together or separately participate in Various Rituals time to time. Golu Srinivasar Darbar is Daily Routine Seva when Idol is brought out to kalyanamantapam to read before the Lord, the income such as Arjitha seva/Hundi collections on the previous day and expenditure followed by reading of Panchangam of previous/ current day. Koluvu Srinivasar is offered with the prasadam of Mixture of Fried Gingelley Seeds (Ellu) and Jaggery. On Anivara Asthnam, a procedure performed during july every year, yearly accounts are submitted to Koulu Srinivasar when new books are issued for Next financial year. Administration, Discipline, Prasadam including Gingelly seeds signify the influence of Sani Graha.

16) Ugra Srinivasar was the original Prachina Vigraham very long ago. Before Many centuries when this Idol was taken out exposing to sun rays, Big Fire was caught during Brahmotshvam. Lord gave a Divine Direction through an Archakar not to take out Ugra Srinivasar. Since then, this idol is taken out for Procession Before Sun Rise on wee hours of Kaisika Dvadasi day only which is named after the Raga of song rendered by Devotee Chandala Nambadavan. Signifying the fact, Sani is for darkness and Sun is for light, Sani attains Uchcha in Thula Rasi where Sun is Neecha and Vice Versa in Mesha Rasi. It is believed when Sani opened his eyes first time, Sun went in to Eclipse. Darkness, Compassion to Low Caste Devotee and above episode shows Sanis Karagam.

17) On Every Thursday, Tirupavadai Seva is Conducted when one can have ‘Netra Darsanam’ as otherwise the Deity Sports a wide Thiruman Kappu which almost Covers Half the Eyes of Lord and on this Seva When Thiruman Kappu is Peeled off, Lord First Gaze after opening Eyes fall on Mortals. Because It has so much power, it is made to fall on the Heap of ‘Pulihora'(Tamarind Rice) directly in front of him thereby sanctifying it and reducing the intensity of his Gaze. This Tamarind Rice acts like a Paavada protetcing devotees from his powerful Gaze. Then Lord is adorned with a thin Thiruman kappu and this stays till Friday morning during Thirumanjanam. This reminds us the significance connected with the qualities( guna) of Sani graha.

18) Lord Srinivasar addressing Thirumalai Nambi as ‘Thatha'(grandpa) came in disguise of an hunter to demand water from Nambi to quench his thirst by puncturing the pot which Nambi was bringing for Thirumanjanam to the Lord from far away Papavinasam. Next day, Emperuman again as same hunter approached Nambi and discharged an arrow near Hillock to create a fountain called as Akasaganga and showed him this nearby water spring. Grand Father is karagam of Sani.

19) Adiseshan (First one to serve) serves Emperuman as Umbrella, Simhasanam, Paduka, bed. He will never get separated from Lord and render Kainkarium to him always. Adhiseshan manifested in the form of Seshachalam Hill to hold Lord Srinivasar in his hood. To Honour his devotion and dedicated service, Lord Srinivasar wears Nagabaranam in his Right hand. Faithful Servent and Selfless Services, Slaves are Sanis karagathvam.

20) Annamayya (Annamachariar) was imprisoned by King Saluva Narasinga Raya of Penugonda when Saint refused to sing a song on king which he demanded similar to the song of Lord Venkateswara composed by Sri Annamayya. Saint who was in prison chained by shackles sang a song on Emperuman with agony and the divine power of song resulted in chains getting broken. Similar to this, Devotees are also imprisoned invariably without their knowledge when they pass through Vertical Cellular Enclosures: for Arjitha seva(paid) and Horizontal Cellular Enclosures (kunndu) on Free Sudarshan seva with many gates Closed/Opened and made to wait in Cells time to time. Sani Grahas Symbolic Sign is Four Small Squares in the shape of window. Hence Sani denotes Prison, Gate, Window, Chain, Warden. Interestingly Bhoga Srinivasar is Permanently Chained with Moolavar by Golden Shackles.

21) Tirumala is the largest Collection Center in the World for Human Hair, exporting to other nations for Amino acid production. Human Hair is Sanis karagathvam. Tradition believes that No one in Tirumala is supposed to adorn their hair (kesam) with Flowers to maintain Spirituality, Austerity, Humility and Simplicity reminding the directive of Sri Ramanujar. Hair (kesam), above gunas indicate Sanis influence.

22) Lord Srinivasar is subjetced to undergo pressure to give Darshan to Devotees almost 21 hours with only Breakup of just three Hours and His time for Partaking the Prasadam is limited only to just few minutes. Yet Lord is compassionate to give darshan to all devotees with little break which reminds the karagathvam of Sani graha on Hard work, Dedication to Work, patience, compassion.

23) The Geological Survey of India (GSI) Declared Tirumala Hill as ‘National Geological Monuments’ for its Marvel on Eparchaean Unconformity as the Granite and Gneiss of Hill underwent ‘Inundation by Sea’ several Millions years ago and the presence of ‘Ripple Marks’ on the Quartzite Rocks bears Testimony to this fact. Another feature is ‘Sila Thoranam’ at a distance of 1 KM from temple wherein two rock groups precariously hang in the air with each others support forming an Arch. It is a portion of Quartzine left unsupported over a Width of 10 Metres and gap below the Arch is formed by Wind Erosion aided by action of water as Scientific fact is that TIRUMALA was completely UNDER SEA Several Millions years ago. As per various Puranas, Lord Srinivasar made this hill as habitation on a day prior to 28 Mahayugas much before the present kaliyuga. Geological wonders, ancient period, Past, Time, History are Sanis karagam.

24) Devotees Experience Delay often standing in Queue and while nearing the Thirumamani mandapam leading to Moolavar, they will tend to be ‘Mudavan’ by limping slowly to extend the duration of darshan of Lord and with the glimpse of Emperuman, they become ‘Manthan” as they forget what they wanted to seek from Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji) and after coming out from Darshan, they are not able to recollect in Mind the Divine Swarupum of Lord Sri Srinivasa (Balaji). Delay, Slowness, Desperation, are Sani’s karagathvam. Also Sani is called as ‘Mudavan'(lame) and ‘Manthan'(inert mind) by nature.

25) Devotees pray to Lord Srinivasar with ‘Prarthanai'(vow) by climbing the hill on Foot up to the temple, Tonsuring the Head, some times collecting money through ‘Biksha’, Rolling in Prakaram on Stone (angapradekshanam) etc. Tonsuring Hair will Make our Ego, self pride surrender to Lord, Rolling over Stone in Prakaram makes our body surrender to Emperuman. Rolling on Stone, Biksha, Climbing on foot, Fasting and other tough vows indicates the karagathvam of Sani.

26) Old aged people, Handicapped, Disabled Devotees are given special Direct entry to have Darshan without any ticket which only in Tirumala Temple, this consideration is shown in line with the compassion of Lord Srinivasar. Uttchva murti of Emperuman even reaches out masses nowadays in major cities, towns, villages and even crossing across the sea to bless all walks of people in their living places. Old, disabled, weaker section and masses(public) are denoted by Sani graha.

27) Thirumala Tirupathi Devasthaanam (TTD) renders many Social Scheme like Free Food to all Devotees, Free accomodation, Free transport services, Carrying Luggage freely from downhill for devotees climbing hill on foot, Yearly One Lac Free Marriages, Rehabilitation centers for Blind, Deaf, Orphan Children, Old Aged Homes for Destitutes, Free medical treatment for poor, Free distribution of spectacles for old people, Hospitals, schools and colleges for socially backward and downtrodden people children are few to be mentioned. This Coincides with the Social outlook of Sani graha caring for poorer, aged, handicapped and people of ill-health besides the socially backward section.

28) Dhruvabera(moolavar) idol does not conform to any agamic rule as Lord is above all rules with self manifested ‘svayambhoo’ with his eyes are in ‘sama drishti’ showing divine grace to devotees. Lord subjected himself to undergo ‘Self Test’ to Re-establish through Sri Ramanuja Muni that He is None other than Sriman Narayanan himself when doubts were raised then by few section. Also Uthsavar Malayappa swami is ‘svayambhoo murti’ (self manifested) when this idol was located in a place called ‘malayappan konai’ in hill. So he is called as ‘malai kuniya Ninra Perumal”. This Matches the guna of Sani in ‘self testing’ for TRUTH through Sanyasi as Truth and sages are denoted by Sani graha.

Like Hill which bent upon to receive Lord Malayappa swami Idol, Emperuman bent upon to bless the devotees who approach him with devotion and total surrender. Saturn is quite opposite to the quality of Concious ego, personal pride, leadership, authority, generally akin to people normally influenced by Sun particularly politicians, government officials, personalities etc.They must seek the blessing of Lord with devotion and free from ego/ pride rather than mere confidence on the “Deal” of vow through Hundi otherwise they will have to experience “Raw deal” at the end.

Sani graha in this Kali yuga subjects us to undergo law of karma and makes us accept reality and finally leads us to the path of Dharma. King Dasaradhan, Thirukachi Nambi, Anjanayar all underwent few seconds of Sani grahas Negative results. Lord Srinivasar has taken avatar as ‘kali yuga kadavul’ to bless us free from the evil efforts of Sani graha. Emperuman who is adorned with Ornaments Studded with full of Diamonds reflect the bright rays of hope for Devotees, the fact remains Millions of years before, those Diamonds were in the form of Black Carbon (Sanis karagam) subjected to pressure by Earth Crest. Crows in group called as ‘Murder’ is often Seen to Rest in Rajagopuram of Tirumala temple in the Early morning hours before Sun Rise. Similar to this, a visit to Thiruvenkatam would kill all our sins as the name itself implies this.

Those horoscopes afflicted by Sun-Sani Mutual aspect, if Sani is adverse to Lagna, and  not well placed with Sani Dasa running, a visit to Tirumala on Saturday preferably in Purattasi and on kaisika Dvadasi day to worship Ugra Srinivasar with Prayaga Chakra in hand with his consorts when he is taken out on procession before Sun rise in wee hours would help them overcome difficulties.

TRS Iyengar

Born on Makara Uthiradam star, native of Mukkur and brought up in Ladavaram village near Arcot and now well settled in Mumbai for over five decades. Presently, at 70, trying to run this website without any commercial expectations or profit motive, just for the sake of our future generations to understand about Sanatana Dharma & Srivaishnavam sampradayam.Within my limited knowledge that I put it here, what I learnt from the world.

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