A Brief note on 12 Alwars (Azhwars)

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !


ஸ்ரீமதே ராமானுஜாய நம:
The 12 Azhwars, (the Main authors of Naalayira Divya Prabandam – 4000 poetic Rhymes) are known as Nityasuris or Divyasuris; those who reside permanently with the Lord in His Heavenly abode. They have incarnated as Azhwars -Vasihnavite Saints – to propagate Bhakthi Marga, devotion to Lord Vishnu. The Twelve Azhwars and thier birth details are briefly given in the table below:

POIGAI AZHWAR Period 7th Century AD,  Birth place:  Kanchipuram
Other Names: Saro yogi, Kaasara yogi, Poigai piran, Padma muni,
Year/Month: Sidharthi / Aippisi
Birth Star: Tiruvonam
Amsam : Panchajanya (Conch)
TIRUPPAN AZHWAR 8th Century AD Birth Place: Uraiyur
Other Names: Paanar, Muni vaahanar, Yogi vaahanar, Kaveeswarar
Year/Month: Dhurmathi/Karthigai
Birth Star: Rohini
Amsam: Srivatsam
BHOOTHATH AZHWAR Period 7th Century AD Birth Place: Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram)
Year/Month: Sidharthi / Aippisi
Birth Star: Avittam
Amsam: Kaumodakee (Mace)
Birth place: Thirvanjikkolam
Other Names: Kollikkaavalan, Koodal Naayagan, Koyikone,
Villavar Kone, Cheyralar Kone
Year/Month: Prabhava/Maasi
Birth Star: Punar Poosam
Amsam: Kaustubham (Gem Necklace)
PEI AZHWAR Period 7th Century AD Birth place: Mylapore – Chennai
Other Names:… Kairava Muni, Mahadaahvayaae
Year/Month: Sidharthi /Aippasi
Birth Star: Sadayam
Amsam: Nandhagam (Sword)
PERIYAAZHWAR 9th Century AD Birth place: Sri Villiputhur
Other Names: Vishnu Chittar, Patta Naadan, Bhattar Piraan,
Sri Villiputthooraar, Sriranganaatha Svasoorar
Year/Month: Krodhana/Aani
Birth Star: Swathi
Amsam: Garuda (Chariot/Vehicle)
TIRUMAZHISAI AZHWAR 7th Century ADBirth place: Thirumazhisai
Other Names: Bhakthi Sarar, Magisaarapuriswarar, Mazhisai piraan
Year/ Month: Sidharthi / Thai
Birth Star: Maham
Amsam: Sudarsanam (Discus)
SRI ANDAAL 9th Century ADBirth place: Sri Villiputhur
Other Names: Soodi Kodutha Naachiyaar, Kodai, Kodai Piraatti
Year/Month: Nala/Aadi
Birth Star: Pooram
Amsam: Bhoodevi
TIRUMANGAI AZHWAR 8th Century ADBirth place: Thiru Kurayalur
Other Names: Kaliyan, Aalinaadan, Naalu Kavi perumal,
Parakaalan, Mangaiyarkone
Year/ Month: Nala/ Karthigai
Birth Star: Krithigai
Amsam: Sarnga (Bow)
Birth Place: Azhwar Thirunagari (Kurugoor)
Other Names: Sadagopan, Paraankusan, Sadaari, Maaran,
Vakulaaa Baranan, Kurugaiyar Kone
Year/Month: Pramaadhi/Vaikasi
Birth Star: Visakham
Amsam: Viswaksenar (Commander of Army)
Birth place: Thirumandangudi
Other Names: Vipra Narayanar, Thiru Mandangudiyaar,
Bhakthangirirenu, Palliunartthiya Piraan
Year/Month: Prabhava/Margazhi
Birth Star: Kettai
Amsam: Vanamaalai (garland)
Birth place: Thirukollur
Other Names: Inkaviyaar, Azhwaarukku Adiyaan
Year/Month: Eeswara / Chittirai
Birth Star: Chittirai
Amsam: Vainatheya (Garuda)

The Pasuram Sung by each Azhwar is given in the following pags. To minimize the page download time, the pasurams are rearranged to spreads in five parts. Hope it is  easy now to view the same in Unicode fonts. If the page not displaying properly, you may please choose the display from your browser’s “view” menu to select the language to Unicode fonts or UTF-8 so that the display is clear.

Divyaprabandam Pasurams 01 to 751

Divyaprabandham Pasurams 752 to1447

Divyaprabandham Pasurams 1448 to 2081

Divyaprabandham Pasurams 2082 to 3122

Divyaprabandham Pasurams 3123_4000

In addition to Divya Prabandham, Sri Desika Prabandham too added here.

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