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Thirukannamudhu with Cooked Rice

Cooked Rice         200 gm

Ghee                     3 tablespoon

Cashew                 25 grams

Raisins                   1 tablespoon

Milk                       400 ml

Coconut milk          100 ml

Elaichi                   as required

Sugar or Jaggery    150 gm or as per taste.

Keep aside the cooked rice.

Boil milk and sugar OR jaggery. After 1 boil add the cooked rice.

Cook till done. Switch off.

Add coconut milk now and stir well.

Fry Cashew and raisin, elaichi in remaining ghee.

Add this to boiling mixture.


Saffron can be added to this. Dissolve saffron threads in warm milk and soak for 10 min. before adding to kannamudhu.

Recipes by Mrs. Prabha Iyengar,  Dallas, Texas


Thirukannamudhu (another method)

Received following recipe from Mr. Radhakrishnan Srinivasan (itiradha2000 dot yahoo dot com):

ThiruKannamudhu for 5 people.
Ingredients: » 65 gms Raw Rice » 35 gms Green Gram Dal (PasiParuppu) » 500 gm Water » 400 gm Jaggery (powdered) » 4 tbsp Ghee » 2 tbsp Cashewnuts » 2 tbsp Raisins » 500 gm Meiji milk or Amul Milk.

Method: 1. Roast raw rice & green gram dal for a couple of minutes in 2 tbs Ghee. 2. Add Water and Boil till Rice and Dal get cooked almost well. 3. Add Raw Meiji Milk or Amul milk and boil well. 4. Add ghee fried Cashewnuts and Raisins. 5. Add “Theertha Parimalam” – two pinches.

Theertha Parimalam: A. Cardamom – 3 nos use seeds only B. Green Camphor – 2 small pieces C. Nutmeg (Jathikai) powder – ¼ ts or 1 gm D. Mace (Jathipathiri) – ½ gm or 2 dried petals E. Cloves – 2 nos. Powder all of them in a pestle and add HALF of it or less to payasam.


Following recipe was sent in by Ms. Priyanka, which she got from  Mrs. Shantha Sriraghavan:


 (Iyengars’ favourite sweet dish)

(Note: Quantity mentioned here is serve for 2 persons)

Rice : 1/4 tumbler
Payattham Paruppu (Green Gram): 1/2 ladle
Milk : 2 ladle
Jaggery: quantity is of the size of 2 lemons
Cashew: required quantity
Saffron (if available)
Dry grapes

1. Put rice, payatham parupu, milk, water in cooker.

2. Leave it to be cooked in the cooker for more time than the usual time for
making ordinary rice.

3. Powder the jaggery.

4. Mix the powdered jaggery with water, heat it & stir it continuously when
heating. Do this until it turns into syrup-like state. Filter it using some
filter like coffee filter (this is done because usually jaggery contains unwanted
particles that would've settled down in the syrup) .

5. Mix this (filtered) jaggery syrup with the cooked rice mixture. 

6. Fry cashew nut & dry grapes, & add it to the rice + jaggery mixture. 

7. Add cardamom + saffron to the mixture.

And there you go!...here's your tasty Akkaravadisal!

Akkaravadisal should be in semi-solid state. If the end preparation is too tight
(i.e. solid), then add milk to make it little loose.

COURTESY: Mrs. Santha Sriraghavan


Okkarai Recipe 

By – GES Priyanka


Kadalai Paruppu – Half tumbler (Chana Dal / Bengal gram)
Paasi paruupu –  Half tumbler (Green Gram / Payatham Paruppu)
Jaggery – 2 tumblers (Vellam)

Preparation Steps

Part 1:

1. Soak kadalai paruppu + paasi paruppu in water for an hour. 

2. Grind it so that it becomes a coarse mixture. 

3. Cook it (i.e. using cooker)

4.  if there are any big chunks in the cooked mixture, then make them into small pieces.

Part 2:

1. Take the jaggery (crushed into powder) in a vessel. 

2. Pour little water in it. 

3. Keep it in stove & heat it. While heating it, keep stirring it till it turns into a semi-solid state. Don’t allow it to become dark brown in color. It should be light brown in color only. 

4. When it becomes semi-solid, just stop heating & transfer it to another vessel & leave the mixture that is at the bottom (or lower layer) of the vessel, because that would contain small stones, etc which were in the jaggery (i.e. adulterants).   

Part 3: 

Step 1: Mix the outcome of part 1 & part 2.

Step 2: Heat it for a while till they get mixed well.

Step 3: After heating it for few minutes, stop heating it. Now add little, elakkai seeds (cardamom), pachai karpooram.

Step 4: Optionally, you can also add cashew nuts (roasted in ghee) & grated coconut

The finals! Mix the outcome of part 1 & part 2 together & there you go!! …the tasty okkarai’s ready! 🙂


Thenkai Barfi  (Kopra PAK)

by TRS Iyengar


Coconuts Grated:  3 cups

Sugar: 200 grams

Cardamom (Elaichi – Ealakkai): 5 pieces made into powder

Ghee: 50 ml.

Milk: 1 cup


In a non stick pan put the ghee and heat it. Add the scrapped coconut and stir it . Add sugar and a cup of milk. (Keep the stove to sim to get minimum heating and to avoid frying stuff become black). Cook it till the mixture gets till it become brown. Now add the Cardamom powder. (If desired, you can add colouring agents too). 

Once it becomes semi solid transfer into a plate. (Apply ghee in the plate before transferring). Once cooled, cut into square or rectangular pieces. Now the south Indian Thengai Parfi is ready to be served.


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