Vegetable Curry Items Soth Indian Recipe


a. Soak bengal gram (3 spoons) & toor dhal (3 spoons) in water for minimum of 1 & 1/2 hours (for hot weather; soaking time varies according to weather; point is that you should soak till they becomes bigger & softer).
b. Cut the vegetables.
c. Pour oil in frying pan
d. Add a pinch of asafoetida
e. Put the cut-vegetables
f. Fry for sometime till the vegetables get well cooked.
g. Add salt & turmeric powder.
h. Take the soaked mixture (don’t add water; drain all the water out). Add dry chilies, turmeric powder (little), required salt (according to the amount of pulses), asafoetida to the soaked mixture & then grind it. Don’t grind it very
fine. It should be little coarse.
i. Put little oil in frying pan. Put the mixture from step (h) into the frying
pan, stir & mix it properly;
j. Wait till it becomes well-fried.
k. Add the prepared vegetable (from step (g)) in the pan along with fried
paruppu & fry for 1 or 2 more minutes.

Vegetables with which Paruppu Usili Kariamudhu can be done: kothavarangaai’,
vaazha poo (Banana flower), vazhakkaai (Raw Banana, beans, brinjal, papaya.

COURTESY: Mrs. Santha Sriraghavan


I am thankful to Ms. Priyanka GES for sending in above Iyengar Reciepe items from Mrs. Santha Sriraghavan.

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