Rk, Yajur & Sama Veda Upaakarma : Links (Aavani Avittam 2024)

Rg, (Rk, Rig),Yajur & sAma VEda upAakarma – Avani Avittam 2024 krOdhi Year (Aavani Avittam)

(Common to Iyer & Iyengar of all sects)

Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha

Srimathe Lakshminrusimha Parabhrammane Namaha:


Rig/Rk Upakarma on 19th August 2024, Yajur Upakarma on 19th August & SamOpAkarma on 5th Sept. 2024.

Gayathri Japam on the 20th of August 2024 – common to all, Iyer, Iyengar – Vadakalai/Thenkali.

Rig Upakarma mantram in Sanskrit Unicode fonts – You can avail from this link

Click this link for Rg Upakarma (Rig Veda Upakarma) mantra in Tamil Unicode fonts

Rk (Rikveda) Upakarma Manthram in phonetic English

Click here for Yajur Upakarma  Sankalpam (Phonetic English)

Saamopakarma: (posted in phonetic English))

Sama Veda Upakarma in Tamil (Unicode fonts)

Click Here for Gayatri Japam Sankalpam in Phonetic English: (common for all)

Click Here for Gayathri Japam in Tamil fonts

Click Here for Yajur Veda Upakarma Manthram in phonetic English.

Click here for Yajur Veda Upakarma Manthram in Unicode Tamil Fonts.

The above Sankalpams are common to Iyer (Smartha of all sub-sect), Iyengar – Vadakalai & Thenkalai

TRS Iyengar

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