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Sloka 25

230. avartanah / He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara. Om Avartanaya namah.

231. nivrittatma / a) He whose nature rises above other things. b) He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires. c) He who is the atma of those who practice nivrtti dharma. d) He who is beyond the bonds of samsara. Om nivrittatmane namah.

232. samvritah / He who remains hidden. Om samvritaya namah.

233. sampra-mardanah / The dispeller (of the darkness). Om sampra-mardanaya namah.

234. ahah-samvartakah / The regulator of the day (time); The Sun. Om ahah-samvartakaya namah.

235. vahnih / The Bearer or The Carrier; The Fire. Om vahnaye namah.

236. anilah / a) The Giver of life-breath; The Air. b) One who needs no goading to Help His devotees. c) The Beginingless. d) One who has no binding, unaffected by virtue and vice. e) One who is beyond dissolution. f) One who is omniscient – All-Knowing. g) Easily accessible to His devotees. h) One who has no fixed residence. i) One who is not supported (by Earth etc). j) One who does not hide anywhere i.e., who is present everywhere. k) One who is always awake. Om anilaya namah.

237. dharani-dharah / The bearer of the Earth. Om dharanI-dharaya namah.

Sloka 26

238.  su-prasadah / The Giver of good favors. Om suprasadaya namah. 

239.  prasannatma / He with a clear mind; Of delightful nature. Om prasannatmane namah.

240.  visva-srit / The Creator of the Universe. Om viava-srije namah. 

241.  visvabhug-vibhuh / He who pervades all things and protects them. Om visvabhug-vibhave namah. 

242.  satkarta / He who honors the good. Om satkartre namah. 

243.  satkritah / He who is worshipped by the sadhus (even by those who deserve to be worshipped). Om satkritaya namah. 

244. sadhuh / One who carries out (whatever His devotees say). Om sadhave namah.

245. jahnuh / The Concealer (of His greatness from the non-devotees). Om jahnave namah.

246. narayanah / The Supporter of the hosts of souls. Om narayanaya namah.

247. narah / a) He who is imperishable. b) The Leader. Om naraya namah.

Sloka 27

248. asankhyeyah / One whose attributes, names, forms, etc. are Innumerable. Om asankhyeyaya namah.

249. aprameyatma / One who cannot be known through knowledge, direct or indirect. Om aprameyaya namah.

250. visishtah / He who is Superior. Om visishtaya namah.  

251. sishta-krt / He who makes His devotees eminent. Om aishta-krite namah.

252. Sucih / Pure. Om sucaye namah.

253. siddharthah / One who is in possession of all desirable things. Om siddharthaya namah. 

254. siddha-sankalpah / One whose wishes are always fulfilled. Om siddha-sankalpaya namah. 

255. siddhi-dah / The bestower of siddhi-s or super-human powers. Om siddhi-daya namah.

256. siddhi-sadhanah / One who makes the means for siddhi as pleasant as the fruit itself. Om siddhi-sadhanaya namah.

Sloka 28

vrishahi vrishabho vishnur-vrishaparva vrishhodara

vardhano vardhamanashcha viviktah shruti-saagaraha ||(28)

257. vrishahi / a) One who shines in the form of dharma. b) One who makes His devotees shine like day because of their dharma. c) One who makes the day auspicious when the devotee approaches Him. d) One who reveals dharma. e) One who is the devata for the vrishaha sacrifice. f) One who has the brightness of agni etc., or is the cause of the brightness of all objects Om vrishahine namah.

258. vrishabhah / a) He who showers (His grace). b) He who shines because of His dharma. Om vrishabhaya namah.

259. vishnuh / One who pervades everything. Om vishnave namah.

260. vrisha-parva / He who has provided the steps of dharma to reach Him. Om vrisha-parvane namah.

261. vrishodarah / One who has dharma as His mid-region or belly. Om vrishodharaya namah.

262. vardhanah / He who nourishes. Om vardhanaya namah.

263. vardhamanah / He who grows. Om vardhamanaya namah.

264. viviktah / He who is unique. Om viviktaya namah.

265. sruti-sagarah / He who is the sea where all Vedas take us. Om sruti-sagaraya namah.

Sloka 29

266. su-bhujah / One with majestic arms. Om su-bhujaya namah. 

267. dur-dharah / a) The irresistible. b) One who is difficult to comprehend c) One who is difficult to hold in concentration d) One who cannot be supported by anyone or anything else Om durdharaua namah. 

268. vagmi / a) He who has words which are praise-worthy. b) He who has powerful words. c) He from whom the veda-s originated. Om vagmine namah. 

269. mahendrah / a) He of great wealth. b) The God of Indra and other gods. Om mahendraya namah.

270. vasu-dah / The Giver of wealth. Om vasudaya namah.

271. vasuh / He who is Himself the wealth sought by those who have realized the Truth. Om vasave namah. 

272. naika-rupah / He of Infinite forms (as seen in visvarupa). Om naikarupaya namah. 

273. brihad-rupah / He of an immense form. Om brihad-rupaya namah.

274. Sipi-vishtah / He who pervades the rays. Om sipi-vishtaya namah. 

275. prakasanah / a) One who shows Himself to His devotees. b) One who illumines everything. Om prakasanaya namah.

Sloka 30

ojas-tejo-dyutidharah prakasha-atmaa pratapanah |

riddhah spashya-taksharo mantrash-chandraanshur-bhaskara-dyutih ||(30)

276. ojas-tejo-dyuti-dharah / One who is endowed with strength, vigor and brilliance. om ojas-tejo-dyuti-dharaya namah.

277. prakasatma / He of a nature that is well-known to all. Om prakasatmane namah. 

278. pratapanah / He who scorches (His enemies). Om pratapanaya namah.

279. Rddhah / He who is full in all respects. Om rddhaya namah.

280. spashya-taksharah / He of clear words (through the Vedas). Om spashtaksharaya namah.

281. mantrah / The mystic word (He who protects those who meditate on His name). Om mantraya namah.

282. candra-amsuh / He who is possessed of the effulgent rays like those of the moon. Om candramsave namah. 

283. bhaskara-dyutih / He who has the effulgence of the sun. Om bhaskara-dyutaye namah.

Sloka 31

amrta-amsu-udbhavo bhanuh shashabinduh sureshvarah |

aushadham jagatah setuh satya-dharma-parakramah ||(31)

284. amrta-amsu-udbhavah / The source of nectar-rayed moon. Om amrtamsudbhavaya namah. 

285. bhanuh / The lustrous Sun or One who is Radiant. Om bhanave namah. 

286. sasabinduh / a) He who disowns the evil-minded. b) The Moon c) One who controls the paths of the planets and the stars. Om sasabindave namah.

287. suresvarah / The Lord of the gods. Om suresvaraya namah. 

288. aushadham / The Medicine. Om aushadhaya namah. 

289. jagatah-setuh / a) The barrier for the world. b) The bridge for crossing the ocean of samsara. c) One who binds and keeps in-tact all that moves in this world. Om jagatah-setave namah. 

290. satya-dharma-parakramah / One whose qualities and valor are always true. Om satya-dharma-parakramaya namah.

Sloka 32


pavanah pavano-analah

kamaha kamakrt-kantaha

kamah kamapradah prabhuh || (32)

291. bhuta-bhavya-bhavan-nathah / The Lord of all in the past, present and future. Om bhuta-bhavya-bhavan-nathaya namah.

292. pavanah / He who moves about (Wind). Om pavanaya namah.

293. pavanah / He who purifies everything. Om pavanaya namah.

294. analah / One who is never satisfied (in His Mercy or daya). Om analaya namah.

295. kama-ha / The Destroyer of desires. Om kama-ghne namah.

296. kama-krt / One who creates desirable things, and also fulfils the desires. Om kama-krte namah.

297. kantah / He who is charming. om kantaya namah.

298. kamah /The Lovable (or manmatha). om kamaya namah.

299. kama-pradah / The Grantor of wishes. om kama-pradaya namah.

300. prabhuh / One who has the supreme power to attract the minds of all towards Himself; One who surpasses all in being. om prabhave namah.

Sloka 33

yugaadi-krt yugaavarto naikamaayo mahashanah |

adrishyo vyaktarupashcha sahasrajid anandaji ||(33)

301. yugadi-krt / The Creator at the beginning of a yuga. om yugadi-krte namah. 

302. yugavartah / He who revolves the yuga-s or aeons. om yugavartaya namah. 

303. naika-mayah / He of multifarious wonders. om naika-mayaya namah. 

304. mahasanah / He who is a voracious eater. om mahasanAya namah. 

305. adrsyah / He Who cannot be seen. om adrsyaya namah. 

306. vyakta-rupah / He of a manifest form. om vyakta-rupaya namah. 

307. sahasra-jit / The Conqueror of thousands. om sahasra-jite namah. 

308. ananta-jit / One whose victory is endless, limitless, countless. om ananta-jite namah. 

Sloka 34

309. ishTah / a) One who is liked by everyone.

b) One who is worshipped in ishti or sacrifice. om ishtaya namah.

310. aviSishTah / a) He who is impartial to everyone. b) He who cannot be distinguished. c) He who has no equal. om avisishtaya namah.

311. SishTeshTah / a) He who is dear even to eminent persons. b) He who dearly loves the eminent persons. om sishteshtaya namah.

312. SikhanDI / a) He who has the plume (or effulgence) of Lordship. b) He who wears a peacock feather. om sikhandine namah.

313. nahushah / One who binds (the jiva-s by His maya). om nahushaya namah.

314. vRshah / a) He who drenches (those who are scorched by the heat of samsara). b) He who showers His devotees with all that is asked for. c) He who is the embodiment of dharma. om vrshaya namah.

315. krodha-hA / a) He who gave up His anger. b) He who destroys the anger in sadhus. om krodha-ghne namah.

316. krodha-kRt / He who developed anger. om krodha-krte namah.

317. kartA / He who slays. om kartre namah.

318. viSva-bAhuh / He who has arms for the good of the world. om visva-bahave namah.

319. mahI-dharah / The Supporter of the world. om mahI-dharaya namah.

Sloka 35

320. acyutah / He who does not fall from His status. om acutaya namah.

321. prathitah / One who is famous, One who is of great reputation. om prathitaya namah.

322. pranah / The Life-Breath. om pranaya namah.

323. prana-dah / The Life-Giver. om pranadaya namah.

324. vasavanujah / The younger brother of vasava or indra. om vasavanujaya namah.

325. apam-nidhih / The Sustainer of the waters of the ocean. om apam-nidhaye namah.

326. adhishthanam / The Support. om adhishthanaya namah.

327. apramattah / The Vigilant. om apramattaya namah.

328. pratishthitah / He who is self-dependent. om pratishthitsya namah.

Sloka 36


329. skandha / He who dries up (destroys). om skandaya namah.

330. skanda-dharah / The Supporter of skanda. om skanda-dharaya namah.

331. dhuryah / The Supporter. om dhuryaya namah.

332. vara-dah / The Grantor of boons. om varadaya namah.

333. vayu-vahanah / He who has Vayu as His vehicle. om vayu-vahanaya namah.

334. vasu-devah / He who pervades and sports. om vasu-devaya namah.

335. brhad-bhanuh / He of profuse luster. om brhad-bhanave namah.

336. adi-devah / The First Deity. om adi-devaya namah.

337. purandarah / a) The Destroyer of the cities. b) The Destroyer of the sufferings from the adi-daivika causes. c) He who helps the devotee in transcending the attachment to sthula, sukshma and karana sarIras. d) He who brings an end to the bodies of all beings. Om purandaraya namah.

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