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Sloka 49

456. su-vratah / a) He of good vows – to protect anyone who surrenders. b) He who did intense tapas in His nara-narayana incarnation. c) He who has good control of the offerings He accepts – e.g., from the likes of kucela only. d) He who observes nitya-karma-s in His incarnations just to set an example to us. om su-vrtaya namah.

457. su-mukhah / He with a charming face. om su-mukhaya namah.

458. sukshmah / Subtle, delicate and difficult to comprehend. om sukhsmaya namah.

459. su-ghoshah / a) He whose voice is itself the great Vedas. b) He who is praised by the delightful voice of the Vedas. c) He who has a very sweet, deep, and sonorous voice. om su-ghoshaya namah.

460. sukha-dah / He who Bestows Bliss. om sukha-daya namah.

461. su-hrt / The good-hearted, a True Friend. om su-hrde namah.

462. mano-harah / He who captivates the heart. om mano-haraya namah.

463. jita-krodhah / He who has overcome anger. om jita-krodhaya namah.

464. vIra-bahuh / He of mighty arms. om vIra-bahave namah.

465. vidaranah / a) He who cut (rahu, hirnyakasipu and others). b) He who cuts the sins of His devotees. om vidaranaya namah.

Sloka 50

466. svapanah / He who lulls people into sleep. om svapanaya namah.

467. sva-vasah / He who is under His own control. om sva-vasaya namah.

468. vyapi / The Pervader. om vyapine namah.

469. naikatma / He of diverse forms. om naikatmane namah.

470. naika-karma-krt / He who performs diverse acts. om naika-karma-krte namah.

471. vatsarah / a) He who lives within all beings. b) He in whom everything resides. c) He who is the Infinite Time. d) He who restored the calves to the gopas. om vatsaraya namah.

472. vatsalah / The Affectionate. om vatsalaya namah.

473. vatsi / a) He who possesses lots of calves, b) He who possesses lots of children whom He protects like a cow protects its calves. om vatsine namah.

474. ratna-garbhah / a) He who is in possession of abundant wealth. b) He who is the source of everything that can give happiness. om ratna-garbhaya namah.

475. dhanesvarah / The quick giver of wealth. om dhanesvaraya namah.

Sloka 51


476. dharma-gup / He who protects dharma. om dharma-gupe namah.

477. dharma-krt / a) He who induces His devotees to follow dharma. b) He who practices dharma. om dharma-krte namah.

478. dharmi / He who has dharma as an instrument. om dharmine namah.

479. sat / a) He who is commendable. b) He who is ever existent. c) He who is in the form of good and meritorious acts. om sate namah.

480. aksharam (sat) / a) He whose existence is never diminished or destroyed in any way. b) sad-aksharam – He who never forsakes the good. om akshara-sate namah.

481. a-sat / a) That which does not exist now, but existed in the past as well as will exist in the future. b) He who is the cause of misery to those who do sinful acts. c) He who is non-existent for those who do not follow the path of dharma. om a-sate namah.

482. asat-ksharam / He who moves away from the bad. om asat-ksharaya namah.

483. avijnata / The Non-cognizant. om avijnatre namah.

484. sahasramsuh / He who has a thousand rays (of knowledge). om sahasramsave namah.

485. vidhata / a) The (Supreme) Controller. b) The Supporter of the Universe. c) The Creator of brahma. om vidhatre namah.

486. krta-lakshanah / a) He who has prescribed the distinguishing characteristics for the pious. b) He who has created distinguishing marks for Himself. c) He who has created the Vedas. d) He who distinguished the different species by external and internal attributes. om krta-lakshanaya namah.

Sloka 52

487. gabhasti-nemih / a) He who has the effulgent cakra as His weapon. b) He who enlightens everything by His effulgence. c) He who is the Center of the planetary system (viz. the Sun). om gabhasti-nemaye namah.

488. sattva-sthah / a) He who is in the hearts of the devotees. b) He who abides in sattva-guna.
c) He who resides in all beings. om sattva-sthaya namah.

489. simhah / a) He who punishes (those who harm His devotees).  b) He who took the nrisimha form. c) He who is most powerful. om simhaya namah.

490. bhuta-mahesvarah / The Supreme Lord of all beings. om bhuta-mahesvaraya namah.

491. adi-devah / a) He who is the first cause and is endowed with effulgence. b) The Foremost Deity.
c) He who swallows the three worlds at the time of pralaya, and releases at the time of creation. om adi-devaya namah.  

492. maha-devah / The great Player. om maha-devaya namah.  

493. devesah / The Ruler of Gods. om devesaya namah.  

494. deva-bhrit / The Supporter of gods. om deva-bhrite namah.  

495. guruh / The Preceptor. om gurave namah.

Sloka 53

496. uttarah / a) The Rescuer (of brahma and others from the asuras), b) The Savior (of devotees from samsara), c) He who transcends the bounds of birth and transmigration. om uttaraya namah. 

497. go-patih / a) The Master of all words (Vedas as well as all languages). b) The Protector of His own word. c) The Protector of His bhakta’s words. d) Protector of the cows in His krishnavatara.
e) Protector of all that moves around. f) The Lord of Mother Earth. g) The Lord of the (celestial) world.  om go-pataye namah. [This nama reoccurs as nama 599.]

498. gopta / a) The Savior. b) He who hides Himself from non-devotees. om goptre namah. [This nama re-occurs as nama 600.]

499. jnana-gamyah / He who is to be realized by knowledge. om jnana-gamyaya namah.

500. puratanah / The Ancient. om puratanaya namah.

501. sarira-bhuta-bhrit / a) He who supports all the tattvas which constitute the sarira. b) He who supports all beings which are part of His body. c) He who protects the devatas who are associated with different parts of the body. om Sarira-bhuta-bhrite namah.

502. bhokta / The Enjoyer. om bhoktre namah.

503. kapindrah / a) The Lord of the monkeys. b) The Great Boar – varaha. c) He who controls all movement in everything. om kapindraya namah.

504. bhuri-dakshinah / a) The giver of liberal gifts. b) He who makes things grow fast and move fast. c) He who is extremely dexterous. om bhuri-dakshinaya namah.

Sloka 54

505. somapah / a) He who drank the soma juice after performing sacrificial offerings in His Rama incarnation. b) He who, in the form of the deity being invoked in a yajna, accepts the soma juice by the householder performing the yajna. om somapaya namah. 

506 – amritapah / The drinker of ambrosia. om amritapaya namah.

507. somah / a) The Nectar. b) The moon. om somaya namah.

508. puru-jit / The Conqueror of all. om purujite namah.

509. puru-sattamah / a) He who remains with the great. b) He whose form is of cosmic dimensions, and who is the best of all. om puru-sattamaya namah.

510. vinayah / a) The Subduer. b) He who leads well. om vinayaya namah.

511. jayah / a) He who is conquered. b) He who is victorious. om jayaya namah.

512. satya-sandhah / a) He whose promises are always true. b) He of firm resolve. om satya-sandhaya namah.

513. dasarhah / a) He who is worthy of gifts. b) He is worthy to be possessed as a gift. c) He who was born in the race of dasarhah i.e., the Yadava race. om dasarhaya namah.

514. sattvatam-patih / The Lord of the sattvatas. om sattvatam-pataye namah.

Sloka 55

515. jivah / He who gives true life to His devotees. om jivaya namah. 

516. vinayita / a) The Savior. b) He who shows the path to everyone. om vinayitre namah.

517. sakshi / The Observer. om sakshine namah.

518. mukundah / He who gives moksha. om mukundaya namah.

519. amita-vikramah / a) He of boundless valor. b) He of the three great strides (tri-vikrama). om amita-vikramaya namah.

520. ambho-nidhih / a) He who has the waters as His abode (Kurma incarnation). b) He who is in the form of the Oceans. c) He who sustains the Ambhas (devas, men, manes, and asuras). om ambho-nidhaye namah.

521. anantatma / The Inner Soul of ananta. on anantatmane namah.

522. mahodadhi-sayah / He Who is reclining in the vast ocean. om mahodadhi-sayaya namah.

523. antakah / He Who beings out the end of all. om antakaya namah.

Sloka 56

524. ajah / a) He who is signified by the letter ‘a’. b) He who is not born. c) He who drives away the darkness in the mind of the devotee. d) He who goes where the devotee is. e) He who is the cause of motion in the heart. f) He who is ever active in bestowing the effects of karma. g) The collections of things that exist. h) He who is everywhere and in everything. om ajaya namah. 

525. maharhah / He who is worthy of worship. om maharhaya namah.

526. svabhavyah / a) He who is to be meditated upon by those who belong to Him. b) He who is by nature fit to be the Master. c) He who is naturally without a beginning. d) He who is present everywhere and in everything without exception. om svabhavyaya namah.

527. jitamitrah / a) He who helps His devotees conquer enemies such as anger, kamam, ahamkaram, mamakaram, etc. b) He who has conquered anger, kamam, etc. c) He who has conquered His enemies such as ravana etc. om jitamitraya namah.

528. pramodanah / a) He who delights His devotees. b) He who is always joyful. om pramodanaya namah.

529. anandah / He Who is Bliss. om anandaya namah.

530. nandanah / The Bliss-Giver. om nandanaya namah.

531. nandah / He Who is full of things that are Blissful. om nandaya namah.

532. satya-dharma / a) He Who performs His dharma truthfully. b) He Who protects those who have surrendered to Him without exception. c) He Who truly all the kalyana guna-s in perfection. om satya-dharmane namah.

533. tri-vikramah / a) He Who pervades the three Vedas. b) He Who measured the three worlds with three strides. c) He Who pervades all the three worlds completely. d) He Who has transcended the waking, sleep, and deep-sleep states. om tri-vikramaya namah.  

Sloka 57

534. maharshih / The Great Seer. om maharshaye namah. 

535. kapilacaryah / He Who is of brown complexion and also an acarya. om kapilacaryaya namah.

536. krtajnah / a) He Who remembers the good deed done. b) He Who is both the Created and the Creator. c) He Who knows everything about His Creation. om krtajnaya namah.

537. medinipatih / The Lord or Protector of the Earth. om medinipataye namah.

538. tripadah / a) The Propounder of the three tattvas. b) He Who is in the form of pranava mantra with three letters. c) He Who assumed the form of a Boar with three humps. d) He Who triumphed over the worlds with three steps. e) He Who is the Lord of the past, present, and future.  om tri-padaya namah. 

539. tridasadhyakshah / a) The Savior of the thirty-three gods. b) The Master of the three states. c) The Master of the three gunas. om tridasadhyakshaya namah.

540. maha-sringah / a) The Big-tusked Varaha.  b) He who took the matsya rupam with the big horn. om mahasringaya namah.

541. kritantakrit / a) The Slayer of hiranyaksha. b) He who kills death himself. c) He who proclaimed the kritanta (siddhanta). d) He who brings about the end to the manifested condition of the Universe. om kritantakrite namah.

Sloka 58

542. mahavarahah / He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar. om mahavarahaya namah.

543. govindah / a) One who is praised by the gods (for His help). b) One who dug out the Earth from the depths of the Ocean. c) The protector of cows. d) One who confers the Vedas. e) He who rescued the Earth. f) He who is known by Vedic sentences. g) He who is responsible for all things that move. om govindaya namah.

544. sushenah / a) He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti-s that are like an army. b) He Who has an army of auspicious associates. om sushenaya namah.

545. kanakangadi / He Who is adorned by armlets of gold. om kanakangadaye namah.

546. guyhah / He who is concealed. om guhyaya namah.

547. gabhirah / He who is deep or mysterious. om gabhiraya namah.

548. gahanah / a) He who is deep, Impenetrable, Inexplicable. b) He who is the witness in everyone. om gahanaya namah.

549. guptah / He who is hidden. om guptaya namah.

550. cakragadadharah / The bearer of the discus and the mace. om cakragadadharaya namah.

Sloka 59

551. vedhah / a) The Provider. b) The Doer (of auspicious happenings). c) The Creator.   om vedhase namah.  

552. svangah / a) He who has the marks of sovereignty which are His own. b) He who is both the Instrumental Cause and the Material Cause of the Universe. c) He who has beautiful, well-proportioned limbs. d) He who, in the form of the Universe, moves by Himself. om svangaya namah.

553. ajitah / a) He who is unconquered, and unconquerable. b) He who is the Chief of the Unconquerable place called ajita or srivaikuntha. c) He who took the amsavatara in the 6th manvantara as ajitah to help in churning the Milk Ocean. d) He who is unconquered in His vow to protect those who have surrendered to Him. om ajitaya namah. 

554. krshnah / a) One who is always in a state of Bliss (with His sport of creation etc.). b) The Dark-hued. c) He who irresistibly attracts His devotees to Him through His infinite kalyana gunas. d) He who cultivates the Earth like a plough and makes it suitable for life forms to form and nourish. e) He who appeared as veda vyasa or krshna dvaipayana. f) He who cultivates the minds of devotees by providing the veda-s in His incarnation as krishna dvaipayana. g) The Dark, Mysterious, and Unknowable except by deep devotion. om krishnaya namah. 

555. drdhah / a) He Who assumes firm, concrete vyuha forms for the benefit of His devotees. b) He Who is firm and determined in His thoughts, words and deeds. c) He Who is firmly established and cannot be negated as the Supreme Deity by counter-arguments. d) He Who is huge and strong.  om dridhaya namah.  

556. sankarshanah / He Who draws others near Him. om sankarshanaya namah.  

557. acyutah / a) One who never slips from His glory. b) One who never lets His devotees slip. c) One who undergoes no modifications such as birth, growth, decay, disease, etc. om acyutaya namah.  

558. varunah / He Who envelops. om varunaya namah.  

559. varunah / a) He Who is with those who have sought Him as their Lord or svami. b) The Son of varuNa. c) He Who removes the adversities of His devotees . om varunaya namah . 

560. vrikshah / a) He Who provides shade like a tree (i.e., He is the Resort) for the wise. b) He Who is firm like a tree. om vrikshaya namah.  

561. pushkarakshah / a) He Who has nourishing eyes. b) He Who has beautiful lotus-like eyes.
c) He Who pervades all space. d) He Who has the Sun and the Moon as His eyes. e) He Who shines as the light of consciousness when meditated upon in the lotus of the heart. om pushkarakshaya namah.  

562. maha-manah / a) The Broad-minded. b) He Who has a great (highly capable) mind. c) He Who has a mind (intellect) with unlimited capability . om maha-manase namah. 

Sloka 60

563. bhagavan / a) He Who is worthy of worship. b) He Who is full of the six attributes. c) He Who knows the origin and the end of all beings. om bhagavate namah.  

564. bhagaha / a) He Who is possessed of auspicious qualities.  b) He Who gets rid of the wealth etc. from everyone during pralaya. om bhagaghne namah.

565. nandi or anandi / a) He Who has nanda as His father. b) He Who is ever blissful by Nature, and also because of His prosperity and the six gunas. c) He Who is ever happy by association with His devotees. d) He Who gives Bliss to His devotees.   om nandine namah, or  om anandine namah.  

566. vanamali / He Who has the vanamala garland. om vanamaline namah.  

567. halayudhah / One Who has the plough in His hand.   om halaydhaya namah.  

568. adityah / a) Son of Devaki who was Aditi in her previous birth. b) Son of Aditi (and Kasyapa) in His Vamana incarnation. c) Bhagavan Samkarshana, who is attained through the bija mantra “A”. d) He from Whom moksha is obtained. om adityaya namah. 

569. jyotir-adityah / a) The Resplendent Aditya. b) He Who resides in the disc of the sun. c) He Who glows like the sun . om jyotir-adityaya namah.  

570 sahishnuh / a) He Who is endowed with enormous patience. b) He Who forgives. c) He Who suffers patiently for us with perfect detachment. d) He Who conquers His foes. e) He Who willingly accepts the offerings of His devotees. f) He Who can bear the opposites – like heat and cold. om sahishnave namah.  

570. gati-sattamah / a) The best instructor in the path of dharma. b) The Best among the refuges to be sought. c) The Ultimate Support and the Greatest of all beings. om gati-sttamaya namah.

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