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Sloka 13

115. rudrah / a) One who brings tears to the eyes. b) One who confers the good on the devotees. c) One who destroys misery. Om rudraya namah.

116.  bahu-sirAh / One who is multi-headed. Om bahu-sirase namah.

117.  babhruh / The Supporter. Om babhrave namah.

118.  visva-yonih / a) The cause of this world. b) One who unites His devotees with Himself. Om visva-yonaye namah.

119.  suci-sravah / a) One who listens to words which are pure. b) One whose names are worthy of being heard. c) One who has beautiful and divine ears. Om Suci-Sravase namah.

120.  amritah / a) The unsatiating nectar to His devotees. b) One who is Immortal. Om amritaya namah.

121.  sasvata-sthanuh / One who is Eternally Firm. Om Sasvata-sthanave namah.

122.  vararohah / a) One who is the most supreme object of attainment. b) One of Excellent Ascent. Om vararohaya namah.

123.  maha-tapah / One who is endowed with great knowledge. Om maha-tapase namah.

Sloka 14

124. sarva-gah / One who reaches all. Om sarvagaya namah.

125. sarva-vit / One who is the All-knower. Om sarva-vide namah.

126. bhanuh / One who shines. Om bhanave namah.

127. vishvak-senah / One who has His army in all directions for the protection of all. Om vishvaksenaya namah.

128. janardanah / a) One who destroys the wicked. b) One who protects people from the wicked. c) One who is approached by devotees for their wishes. Om janardanaya namah.

129. vedah / One who is the embodiment of scriptures. Om vedaya namah.

130. vedavit / The true knower of the meaning of the vedas. Om veda-vide namah.

131. avya~ngah / One who has no imperfections. Om avya~ngaya namah.

132. veda~ngah / a) One who has Vedas as His body. b) One who has the srutis and smritis as His body. Om vedangaya namah.

133. vedavit / One who knows not only the Vedas, but the true meaning behind the Vedas, viz. the dharma. Om vedavide namah.

134. kavih / One who cognizes beyond ordinary perception.

Sloka 15

135. lokadhyakshah – Lord of the worlds, Master or superintendent of all people who should practice dharma. Om lokadhyakshaya namah.136 – suradhyakshah – Master of the devas, Om suradhyakshaya namah.137 – dharmadhyakshah. Master of dharma, the way the Supreme should be worshipped. Om dharmadhyakshaya namah.

138.  kritakritah /  a) The grantor of fruits that are this this-worldly as well as those that are eternal. b) One who is both the cause and effect of all things. c) One who has a form which is nitya or permanent, as well as transient forms.

139.  caturatmA / One whose Self has a four-fold manifestation. Om caturatmane namah.

140 – catur-vyuhah / One with four forms (the vyuha forms). Om catur-vyuhaya namah.

141 – catur-damshtrah / He of four teeth. Om catur-damshtraya namah.

142 – catur-bhujah / One with four arms. Om catur-bhujaya namah.

Sloka 16

143. bhrajishnuh / One who is effulgent. Om brajishnave namah.

144. bhojanam / One who is the object of enjoyment. Om bhojanaya namah.

145. bhokta / The Enjoyer. Om bhoktre namah.

146. sahishnuh / The Forgiver. Om sahishnave namah.

147. jagadadijah / He who was born at the beginning of the Universe. Om jagadadijaya namah.

148. anaghah / One who is Sinless, uncontaminated. Om anaghaya namah.

149. vijayah / Victory Incarnate. Om vijayaya namah.

150. jeta / The conqueror. Om jetre namah.

151. visva-yonih / The Cause of the Universe. Om visva-yonaye namah.

152. punarvasuh / One who lives again and again as the antaratma of all His creations.

Sloka 17

153. upendrah / a) One who appeared as the younger brother of Indra to help him. b) One who is superior to Indra. Om upendraya namah.

154. vamanah / One with the Dwarf form. Om vamanaya namah.

155. pramsuh / The Tall. Om pramsave namah.

156. amoghah / One whose acts are never purposeless. Om amoghaya namah.

157. sucih / Pure. Om sucaye namah.

158. urjitah / One who is endowed with immense strength. Om Urjitaya namah.

159. atIndrah / One who is superior to Indra. Om atindraya namah.

160. samgrahah / a) He who is easily reached. b) He who has everyone under His control. Om samgrahaya namah.

161. sargah / The creator of Himself. Om sargaya namah.

162. dhritatma / The supporter of all the jivatmas. Om dhritatmane namah.

163. niyamah / The Controller. Om niyamaya namah.

164. yamah / The Ruler. Om yamaya namah.

Sloka 18

165. vedyah / a) He who can be realized. b) That which should be known or realized. Om vedyaya namah.

166. vaidyah / The knower of vidya or knowledge. Om vaidyaya namah.

167. sada-yogi / a) One who is always awake with respect to His devotees. b) One who unites this Universe as the sarva-vyapic) One who always follows the dharmic way. d) One who is in constant yogic meditation e) One who always displays the samatva-bhava, i.e., treats everyone equally. Om sada-yogine namah.

168. vira-ha / The slayer of strong men of wicked nature. Om viraghne namah.

169. madhavah / The propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being. Om madhavaya namah.

170. madhuh / One who is like honey to His devotees. Om madhave namah.

171. atindriyah / He who is beyond the range of the sense organs. Om atIndriyaya namah.

172. maha-mayah / One who is possessed of wonderful power of enchantment. Om maha-mayaya namah.

173. mahotsahah / He of great enthusiasm. Om mahotsahaya namah.

174. maha-balah / One with immeasurable strength – The Omnipotent. Om mahabalaya namah.

Sloka 19

175. maha-buddhih / He of infinite knowledge. Om maha-buddhaye namah.

176. maha-vIryah / He of great virility. Om maha-viryaya namah.

177. maha-Saktih / Of immense power. Om maha-saktaye namah.

178. maha-dyutih / He of great splendor. Om maha-dyutaye namah.

179. anirdesya-vapuh / He who possesses an indescribable body. Om anirdesya-vapushe namah.

180. srIman / Possessed of beauty. Om Srimate namah.

181. ameyatma / He of an incomprehensible nature. Om ameyatmane namah.

182. mahadri-dhrit / The bearer of the great mountain. Om mahadri-dhrite namah.

Sloka 20

183. maheshvasah / a) The discharger of great arrows, b) The wielder of the mighty bow. Om maheshvasaya namah.

184. mahi-bharta / The bearer of the earth. Om mahi-bhartre namah.

185. Srinivasah / In whom Lakshmi resides. Om Srinivasaya namah.

186. satam-gatih / The Ultimate Goal for all spiritual seekers. Om satam-gataye namah.

187. aniruddhah / One who cannot be obstructed or resisted by anyone. Om aniruddhaya namah.

188. suranandah / One who gives delight to the gods. Om suranandaya namah.

189. govindah / a) One who is praised by the gods (for His help). b) One who dug out the Earth from the depths of the Ocean. c) The protector of cows. d) One who confers the Vedas. Om govindaya namah.

190. govidam patih / The protector of those who know the Vedas. Om govidam-pataye namah.

Sloka 21

191. maricih / Ray of light. Om maricaye namah. 

192. damanah / a) Dispeller (of the samsara bharam), b) One who controls and punishes those who swerve from their prescribed path. Om damanaya namah

193. hamsah / One who is like the swan. Om hamsaya namah.

194. suparnah / a) (literally) One possessed of charming feathers. b) One who can lead men to the other shore across the ocean of samsara. Om suparnaya namah.

195. bhujagottamah / The Master of the Serpent AdiSesha. Om bhujagottamaya namah.

196. hiranya-nabhah / One who has a beautiful navel with a golden hue, One who supports in His navel the creator, hiranyagarbha. Om hiranya-nabhaya namah.

197. sutapah / a) One who is possessed of supreme knowledge. b) One with consistent creative thinking. Om sutapase namah.

198. padma_nabhah / a) One who has the lotus emanating from his navel (carrying Brahma), b) One who resides in the center of everyone’s heart. Om padma nabhaya namah.

199. prajapatih / The Lord of beings. Om prajapataye namah.

Sloka 22

200. amrityuh / One who is beyond death or decay. Om amrityave namah.

201. sarvadrik / All-seeing. Om sarva-drse namah.

202. simhah / a) The Lion, b) Destroyer. Om simhaya namah.

203. sandhata / a) One who unites His devotees with Him b) One who unites the beings with the fruits of their actions. Om sandhatre namah.

204. sandhiman / One who is always united with His devotees. Om sandhimate namah.

205. sthirah / One who is firm in His relation to His devotees. Om sthiraya namah.

206. ajah / a) Unborn, b) Remover of obstacles, c) One who moves in the hearts of the devotees, d) One who removes the ignorance from the hearts of His devotees, e) One who is the root of all sound (akshara “a”). Om ajaya namah.

207. durmarshanah / The Unassailable. Om durmarshanaya namah.

208. sasta / The Teacher. Om sastre namah.

209. visrutatma / a) One whose exploits are praised with wonder, b) One who is called by special names (such as Truth, Knowledge, etc), c) One whose praise is sung in various forms, d) One whose Atma is of a special Nature.

210. surari-ha / The slayer of the enemies of the gods. Om surarighne namah.

Sloka 23

211. gurur-guru-tamah / The foremost among the preceptors. Om gurutamaya gurave namah.

212 – dhama / a) The Place of Residence. b) The Supreme Light. c) The Abode of all desired things. Om dhamne namah.

213. satyah / The Good. Om satyaya namah.

214. satya-parakramah / One of unfailing valor. Om satyaparakramaya namah.

215. nimishah / One whose eyes are closed (towards the enemies of His devotees). Om nimishaya namah.

216. animishah / One with eyes closed. Om animishaya namah.

217. sragvi / Adorned with the garland (vaijayanti). Om sragvine namah.

218. vacaspatih / The Lord of Speech. Om vacaspataye namah.

219. udara-dhih / One with vast knowledge. Om udara-dhiye namah.

Sloka 24

220. agranih / One who leads forward. Om agranye namah.

221. gramanih / Leader of the hosts of angels. Om gramanye namah.

222. sriman / a) One who is endowed with wealth. b) One who is full of all glories. c) One who is radiant. d) The Lord of Mahalakshmi e) One who has Mahalakshmi in his vaksha-sthala. f) One who is endowed with all the powers. Om Srimate namah.

223. nyayah / a) The Just. b) Logical arguments (tarka) and lines of contemplation (yukti) that help us in arriving at the absolute experience. Om nyayaya namah.

224. neta / a) One who fulfills the requests of His devotees. b) One who manages or regulates the affairs of the cosmos. Om netre namah.

225. samiranah / a) One who performs acts which are delectable. b) One who controls all movements (e.g., breath) in beings. Om samiranaya namah.

226. sahasra-murdha / The thousand-headed.

227. visvatma / The very soul of the Universe; the very inner Essence in all living creatures. Om visvatmane namah. visvasya atma visvatma. 

228. sahasra-akshah / The thousand-eyed.

229. sahasra-pat / The thousand-footed. Om sahasra-murdhne namah; Om sahasrakshaya namah; Om sahasra-pade namah.

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