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Sloka 37

338. a-sokah / The dispeller of sorrows. om a-sokaya namah.

339.  taranah / He who takes others to the other shore (a boat). om taranaya namah.

340. tarah / The Savior. om taraya namah.

341. surah / The Valiant. om suraya namah.

342. saurih / a) The son of valiant people like vasudeva, dasaratha, etc. b) The grandson of Sura, the name of Vasudeva’s father. c) The descendant of the group of people called Suras in the Yadava
race. om sauraye namah.

343. janesvarah / The Lord of the people. om janesvaraya namah.

344. anukulah / One who is within bounds. om anukulaya namah.

345. satavartah / a) He who has several incarnations to sustain dharma, b) He whose wealth is bubbling but not overflowing (like vortices), c) He who maintains and manages several cycles – the cycle of samsara for all the beings, the cakras of grahas, nakshatra-s etc. om satavartaya namah.

346. padmi / He who carries the lotus in His hand. om padmine namah. 

347. padma-nibhekshanah / One who has eyes which resemble the lotus. om padama-nibhkshanaya namah.


Sloka 38

348. padma-nabhah / One with a lotus-like navel. om padmanabhAya namah. 

349. aravindakshah / The Lotus-eyed. om aravindakshaya namah.

350. padma-garbhah / He who is installed in a lotus. om padma-garbhaya namah.

351. sarira-bhrt / The Protector of the bodies of everyone through food and life-energy. om sarira-bhrte namah.

352. maharddhih / He of immense riches. om maharddhaye namah.

353. rddhah / One who keeps growing; Prosperous. om rddhaya namah.

354. vrddhatma / One who is full-grown. om vrddhatmane namah.

355. mahakshah / a) He with a (vehicle of) powerful axle. b) One with Great Eyes. om mahakshaya namah.

356. garuda-dvajah / One who has Garuda in His banner. om garuda-dvajaya namah.

Sloka 39

257. atulah / The Incomparable. om atulaya namah. 

358. sarabhah / a) The Destroyer (of those who transgress the bounds of ethics). b) One who shines as the Inner Self. om sarabhaya namah.

359. bhimah / The Formidable. om bhimaya namah.

360. samayajnah / The Knower of the conventions. om samayajnaya namah.

361. havir-harih / Hari who is the recipient of the havis offered in the yajna. om havir-haraye namah.

362. sarva-lakshna-lakshanyah / a) He who is the abode of all the auspicious qualities, b) He who is the ultimate definition of all good qualities, c) He who is pointed to as the Ultimate Truth through all
analysis, d) He who reveals Himself through everything around us. om sarva-lakshana lakshanyaya namah.

363. lakshmIvan / He who is always with Lakshmi. om lakshmivate namah.

364. samtinjayah / He who is victorious in battles. om samitinjayaya namah.

Sloka 40

365. viksharah / He who never wanes. om viksharaya namah.

366. rohitah / He who is of red complexion. om rohitaya namah.

367. margah / He who is sought after. om margaya namah.

368. hetuh / The Cause. om hetave namah.

369. damodarah / 1) He who has the worlds in His belly. 2) One who was tied around His waist by ropes by YaSodA. 3) One who has happiness for His devotees. 4) One who is attained by observances such as dama. om damodaraya namah.

370.  sahah / He who has patience. om sahaya namah.

371. mahidharah / The Supporter of the Earth. om mahIdharaya namah.

372. mahi-bhagah / He who is extremely Fortunate. om maha-bhagaya namah.

373. vegavan / He who is quick. om vegavate namah.

374. amitasanah / a) The voracious Eater. b) He who gives unlimited supply of food to His creations. om amitaaanaya namah.  

Sloka 41

375. udbhavah / a) He who removes the bondage. b) He who is beyond the bondage of samsara. c) He who is the origin of the Universe. om udbhavaya namah.

376.  khsobhanah / The Creator of a commotion. om khshobanaya namah.

377. devah / He who sports Himself. om devaya namah.

378. srI-garbhah / a) He who has Lakshmi always with Him in His play as devah. b) He who has Lakshmi in Him in the form of the Universe. c) He who is the abode of all auspicious qualities (SrI). om sri-garbhaya namah.

379. paramesvarah / The Supreme Ruler. om paramesvaraya namah.

380. karanam / The Means. om karanaya namah.

381. karanam / The Cause – He who causes others to act. om karanaya namah.

382. karta / The Agent. om kartre namah.

383. vikarta / a) He who undergoes modifications. b) He who created the world of varieties.  om vikartre namah.

384. gahanah / He who is deep and inscrutable. om gahanaya namah.

385. guhah / a) The Savior. b) One who hides Himself effectively from non-devotees. om guhaya namah.

 Sloka 42

386. vyavasayah / a) The Pivot (of the planets). b) One with a firm and resolute mind, One with True Knowledge about Self. om vyavasayaya namah. 

387. vyavasthanah / The basis. om vyavasthanaya namah.

388. samsthanah / The final end. om samsthanaya namah.

389. sthana-dah / The Giver of the Supreme Abode. om sthanadaya namah.

390. dhruvah / The Stationary (Fixed). om dhruvaya namah. 

391. pararddhih / He who is full of noble and auspicious qualities. om paraddhaye namah.

392. parma-spashtah / He whose greatness is explicit. om parama-spashtaya namah.

393. tushtah / He who is full of happiness. om tushtaya namah.

394. pushtah / He who is full of noble qualities. om pushtaya namah.

395. subekshanah / He who has auspicious eyes. om subhekshanaya namah.


Sloka 43

396. ramah / a) He who delights others. b) He in whom everyone delights. om ramaya namah. 

397. viramah / a) He before whom all become powerless. b) He who is the final goal of everyone. om viramaya namah.

398. virajo-margah / One who shows the faultless path. om virataya namah – The Unattached. om margaya namah – He who is sought after. om virajo-margaya namah – He who shows the flawless path.

399. neyah / He who lets Himself be governed (by His devotees). om neyaya namah.

400. nayah / He who draws everyone towards Himself. om nayaya namah.

401. anayah / He who cannot be spirited away. om anayaya namah.

402 virah / Valiant (See 664). om viraya namah.

403. saktimatam-sreshthah / The Greatest among the powerful. om saktimatam-sreshthaya namah.

404. dharmah / Virtue Incarnate. om dharmaya namah.

405. dharmavid-uttamah / The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma. om dharma-vid-uttamaya namah.


Sloka 44

406. vaikunthah / Remover of obstacles (to union). om vaikunthaya namah. 

407. purushah / The Purifier. om purushaya namah.

408. pranah / The vital air (Life-breath). om praaaya namah.

410. pranamah / a) He who makes others bow before Him. b) He who deserves to be worshiped. om pranamaya namah.

411. prthuh / Well-known. om prthave namah.

412. hiranya-garbhah / He who delights everyone’s heart. om hiranya-garbhaya namah. 

413. satru-ghnah / The Slayer of the enemies. om satru-ghnaya namah.

414. vyaptah / He who is full (of love and affection). om vyapataya namah.

415. vayuh / He who moves (towards His devotees). om vayave namah.

417. adhokshajah / He who does not get diminished. om adhokshajaya namah.

Sloka 45

417. rtuh / Seasons (The Lord of Time who governs the seasons). om rtave namah.

418. sudarsanah / a) He of a delightful appearance that induces happiness in those who see Him. b) He whose vision leads to moksham. c) He whose eyes resemble the lotus petals. d) He who is seen easily by His devotees. om sudarsanaya namah.

419. kalah / a) He who draws all towards Himself. b) He who measures and sets a limit to everything. c) He who is Death or annihilation to all His enemies.  d) He who measures everyone’s karma and doles out the phala. om kalaya namah.

420. parameshthi / a) He who resides in the Supreme Abode, Sriviakuntham. b) He who resides in the Supreme cave of the heart. om parameshthine namah.

421. parigrahah / a) He who takes all with Him.  b) He who is grasped on all sides by those who seek refuge in Him. c) He who accepts any offering by His devotees when offered with sincerity. d) He who has everything in this Universe under His control. om parigrahaya namah.

422. ugrah / The Formidable. om ugraya namah.

423. samvatsarah / a) He who resides (in the patala loka). b) He in whom everything resides. om samvatsaraya namah.

424. dakshah / He who is quick in action. om dakshaya namah.

425. visramah / a) The Place of Rest. b) One who provides rest to all the beings. om visramaya namah.

426. visva-dakshinah / a) He who is well-disposed towards all. b) He who offers the whole world as dakshina in the asva-medha yaga. c) He who is proficient in everything. d) He who is more proficient than everyone. om visva-dakshinaya namah.


Sloka 46

427. vistarah / a) He who spreads (the Vedas). b) He who is spread out in everything. c) He who expands to contain everything (at the time of pralaya). om vistaraya namah. 

428. sthavar-sthanuh / a) He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma in krita yuga. b) He in whom the earth etc. rest, c) He who is motionless, and in whom the earth etc. rest. om sthavar-sthanave namah.

429. pramanam / The Authority. om pramanaya namah.

430. bijam-avyayam / The Seed Imperishable. om bijaya avyayaya namah. 

431. arthah / The Goal – He who is sought after. om arthaya namah.

432. anarthah / a) He who is not the goal for some. b) He who is self-fulfilled and does not have any other end to seek. om anarthaya namah.

433. maha-kosah / a) He who has a great treasure. b) He who is a Great Treasure. c) He who is shielded by the five kosas or shields. om maha-kosaya namah.

434. maha-bhogah / He who has objects of great enjoyment. om maha-bhogaya namah.

435. maha-dhanah / He of great wealth. om maha-dhanaya namah.


Sloka 47

436. anirvinnah / He who is never despondent. om a-nirvinnaya namah.

437. sthavishthah / He who is Immense. om stahvishthaya namah.

438. bhuh / The All-supporter. om bhuve namah.

439. dharma-yupah / He who is united with dharma. om dharma-yupaya namah.

440. maha-makhah / The Great yajna-svarupi. om maha-makhaya namah.

441. nakshatra-nemih / He who makes the stars move. om nakshatra-nemaye namah.

442. nakshatri / He who has (supports) the stars. om nakshatrine namah.

443. kshamah / a) He who is competent. b) He who has great patience. om kshamaya namah.

444. kshamah / a) He who is in a diminished form. b) He in whom all forms diminish. om kshamaya namah.

445. samihanah / a) He who establishes all others (Indra etc.) in their respective posts. b) Well-wisher, He who works towards the welfare of His creation. om samihanaya namah.

Sloka 48

446. yajnah / The Sacrifice. om yajnaya namah.

447. ijyayah / He who is the (only) object of worship. om ijyaya namah.

448. mahejyah / He who is the best among the objects of worship. om mahejyaya namah.

449.  kratuh / a) Object of worship through the sacrifices called kratus. b) He who is behind the actions of everybody or He by whom everything is done. om kratave namah.

450. satram / a) He who is worshipped by the sacrifice called satram. b) He who protects the good people. c) He who makes everything go. om satraya namah.

451. satam gatih / The Goal of the pious. om satam-gataye namah.

452. sarva-darsI / The All-Seer. om sarva-darsine namah.

453. nivrttatma / a) He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires. b) He who is the atma of those who follow the nivrtti dharma. om nivrttatmane namah.

454. sarvajnah / The Omniscient.  om sarvajnaya namah.

455. jnanam-uttamam / The Greatest Knowledge. om uttamaya jnanaya namah or jnanaya uttamaya namah.  

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